Saturday, February 3, 2018

Diaspora lobby group perturbed by lack of solidarity from NASA legislators on Miguna’s confinement

As leaders of the Kenya Patriotic movement (KEPAM), we would like to urge all NASA affiliated legislators to stand in solidarity with National Resistance Movement (NRM) General, Dr. Miguna Miguna.

We, the NASA supporters in the diaspora under KEPAM, are deeply concerned and disturbed that none of the NASA Members of Parliament or the Senate and neither the members of our county governments have come out to express outrage on the brutality meted against Dr Miguna; nobody has demanded for his release from police cells.

It must be remembered that when honourables Tom Kajwangi and Babu Owino were recently arrested, many MPs condemned it. Standing in solidarity with Kenyans who are firm on social justice irrespective of their status in the society is a fair way to go.

 “Miguna, may not be an elected leader but he has proved his weight in gold in the struggle for freedom.” Said Mr. Joseph Lister Nyaringo, the President of KEPAM, a diaspora lobby which unites Kenyans at home and abroad in the pursuit for social justice, civic awareness and fairness in the electoral processes.

The Kenyans diaspora would like to condemn in the strongest terms the CS for the Interior, Fred Matiang’i, IG Joseph Boinet and for their continued violation of the law and our constitution especially when it comes to respecting court orders.

KEPAM observes that a High Court Judge James Wakiaga, on Friday ordered the release of Dr. Miguna on Sh50,000 cash bail until the case filed in court is heard and determined. The judge directed the accused to appear in person on Monday and served the Inspector General of police personally. One wonders, why he is still wasting behind bars?

We are tired of selective Justice. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Both Jubilee and NASA adherents deserve fairness. Period.

As a movement, KEPAM is demanding that NASA legislators push for the unconditional release of Miguna before they attend today’s rally to be addressed by The People’s President H. E. Raila Amolo Odinga in Ruaraka constituency. This is the surest way to show supporters that they care for ordinary supporters of NRM and the NASA coalition and not elected leaders alone.

A member of KEPAM from Germany Ms Chinta Musundi observes this: “It beats logic that whilst the NASA politicians participated in the swearing in of the people’s president at Uhuru Park on 30th January, they have nonetheless done nothing to protest the arrest of Miguna, who enabled the oath to take place.” The General has been treated unfairly after working so hard to make the historic day a success. 

Two officials of KEPAM- Ms Veronica Bonad, and Tom Mogondo of Kansas US are appealing to NASA supporters back home to ensure that no NASA member of Parliament will address today’s rally if they have not visited Miguna in police cells and demanded for his immediate release as per the court order issued on Friday.

We care about our motherland. We must defend electoral justice if we want to realize good leadership practices in the country.

“As NASA supporters in the diaspora, we know that electoral justice cannot be won through fear and cowardice.” “Shunning the swearing in on Tuesday by the three NASA principals reflected a conformist mentality which cannot take Kenya anywhere.” says Mr Dennis Achoka, a NASA adherent from Texas.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The United States has become a renegade on democratic tenets in the developing World

By Joseph Lister Nyaringo
Where did the Supreme Court nullify the United States when Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) bungled the August 8th general election that was later?
How come the US failed to raise a finger when an ICT Manager in the IEBC was murdered with clear intentions to rig the election less than a week to the August election?
The Donald Trump administration has failed to officially condemn President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government for unleashing the police who have so far killed over 200 peaceful demonstrators in the 4 months post-election fiasco.
Trump’s administration needs to review the role of ambassador Robert Godec in Nairobi.
It’s disturbing that Mr. Godec may not be providing a true picture to Washington especially on the police brutality meted towards innocent Kenyans where as young as 6 months old kids have been killed in cold blood.
Active involvement of diplomats to enhance social justice in Kenya is not something new. During the clamor for multiparty democracy in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the late US ambassador to Kenya Smith Hempstone, a Republican teamed up with other European ambassadors like Germany’s Bernd Mutzelburg, members of the civil society and the Church to pressurize retired President Daniel Moi to restore multi-party politics in 1991.
It can be pointed out that the US ambassador in Nairobi and his European counterparts have stayed aloof in the Kenyan crisis even when basic democratic tenets like the right to life are under threat. Which begs this question: Has Western powers abandoned the developing world in the pursuit of social justice and democracy?
If Western ambassadors through their governments actively participated to help Kenya realize political pluralism more than 2 decades ago, why are they not ready carry the same torch now when the stakes are even higher?
It’s extremely disturbing that even the US which is viewed globally as the epitome of democracy and respect for human rights is siding with the current Kenyan regime which is has violated many rights by the citizens.
The US is silent on Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who has stifled democracy, destroyed all manner of dissent by detaining dissenters, gagged the country’s media and is now on the path to change the constitution to become a life President.
Uganda’s next-door neighbors-Rwanda and Burundi are not sound democratically. President Paul Kagame who brought Rwanda from its knees after the 1994 genocide has undergone a complete metamorphosis. He has chopped the country’s constitution and he is now a life President.
It’s high time the US coiled its tail on other countries affairs because; giving a cold shoulder on ELECTION FRAUD in Kenya makes the global super power look as an aggressor to North Korea!
Examples of African dictatorships where the US has turned a blind eye are many. In East Africa, it’s only Tanzania that has a sound democratic record.
What has irked many Kenyans, who are gearing for self-determination through the political opposition The National Super Alliance (NASA) under the perceived winner of the August election Raila Odinga, is the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto.
Instead of Mr. Yamamoto addressing Kenya’s political imbroglio to the government of President Uhuru, he read a riot act to opposition leaders; urging them to abandon the quest for self-determination. The opposition is gearing to fight for electoral justice, equality and inclusion and eventually inaugurate opposition leader Raila Odinga on December 12thas president.
Kenyans appreciate the stand taken by former US ambassador Michael Ranneberger who initially refused to accept President Mwai Kibaki’s victory in the 2007 rigged election. It was however after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flew to Nairobi to press Kibaki, to accept compromise based on power sharing with Raila, to break the political impasse.
Why is the US always a Johnny-come-lately on African crises even when human life is under threat?  The Clinton administration procrastinated during the Rwandan crisis where genocide was committed; culminating to the slaying of almost a million people in 1994.
Is history repeating itself that 10 years down the road, under President Trump, who is also a Republican, a diplomat from Washington is sent to Kenya negotiate over a political stalemate?
The US has been a major actor in global democracy, justice and the rule of law and should get it right for Kenyans…Circumstances have changed! What the global superpower advocated in 2007 during the post-election violence to unravel the political impasse cannot work 10 years later.
Kenyan citizens expected Western powers beginning with the US to pile more pressure on the current government of President Kenyatta to cede ground; come to the negotiation table and discuss electoral justice.
The holding democratic elections are the surest remedy for Kenya and the same should be through a multipartite agreement between the NASA coalition, the ruling Jubilee coalition and other relevant stakeholders.
Kenya’s political opposition raised serious concerns on lack of preparedness by the (IEBC) and the Kenyan government to offer free and fair election before the US and some European countries before the August 8th. The same happened after the Supreme Court annulled September 1st Presidential election when opposition leader Raila Odinga called for dialogue to achieve electoral justice.
Its vividly remembered that ambassador Godec consistently sided with the electoral body and the Kenyan government instead of taking a neutral path to bring the government and the opposition to discuss electoral justice.
The desire of Kenyans is free and fair elections. Performing quick fixes like what Secretary Yamamoto is trying to do will not offer a lasting solution. In 2007, Kenyan was in the muddle of a rigged election. The country was almost brought to its knees through ethnic killings, displacement of persons and destruction of property.
A rigged election also happened again in 2013 and now the country is in the same mess five years down the road. Perennial election malpractices dating back to the reign of retired President Moi, who ruled Kenya with an iron fist for 24 up to 2002 if not check will completely dwarf Kenya’s democratic grown as well as derailing respect for the rule of law.
This time round, Kenyans are determined to get it right. They want nothing less that free, fair, credible and verifiable election. The US as a key partner for democracy can do better than piecemeal measures that leave old wounds intact.
Kenya is at the tipping point and if the US lets the status quo stand, it will be a disaster for not only Kenya, but also the East African region and US.

Nyaringo is a social Justice contributor and President of Kenya Patriotic Movement, a Kenya diaspora lobby group  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The US is biased on the Kenyan political crisis!

Many Kenyans are wondering why the United States, the most powerful nation in the world has become a renegade on democratic tenets in the developing World.

Where was the US when Kenya’s electoral body bungled the August election which was later nullified by the Supreme court? How come US failed to raise a finger when an ICT Manager in the electoral body was murdered with clear intentions of rigging the August election?

Has the Trump government through current envoy Robert Godec condemned the Kenyan police for killing over 250 peaceful demonstrators in the 4 months post-election fiasco?

Is urging the aggrieved political opposition NASA, led Raila Odinga, by the US to scale down its quest for electoral justice a reflection of democracy or a sign of perpetuating the status quo; hence dictatorship?

Why is the US always a Johnny-come-lately on African crisises even when human life is under threat?  The Clinton administration procrastinated during the Rwandan crisis where genocide was committed; culminating to the slaying of almost a million people in 1994.

As a concerned Kenyan, I could like to urge the Trump’s administration to censure the role of his ambassador in Nairobi. Mr. Godec is said to be the most biased US diplomat Kenyans have ever seen. The envoy has not done enough to ensure neutrality when dealing with the current government and the political opposition.

Majority of Kenyans citizens want electoral justice. The US which is perceived to be a respecter of democracy, justice and human rights must lead by example. Siding with the current Kenyan government which has committed many atrocities towards own citizens may not only jeopardize the US’s respect in Africa but also on the global stage.

The silence by the United States when innocent Kenyans as young as 6 months old have been killed in cold blood by the Kenyan police is perplexing.

Kenyan citizens expected Western powers beginning with the US to pile more pressure on the current government of President Uhuru Kenyatta to cede the ground; come to the negotiation table and discuss electoral justice.

Holding democratic elections is the surest cure through a multipartite agreement between the NASA coalition, the ruling Jubilee coalition and other relevant stakeholders.

One wonders why the Republican administration in the US has become extremely ambivalent to the plight of Kenyans in their quest for self-determination.

It can be remembered that during the struggle for multiparty democracy in Kenya, it was a US ambassador, the late Smith Hempstone, a Republican who teamed up with other European ambassadors like Germany’s Bernd Mutzelburg, the Kenyan civil society and the Church to put pressure on retired President Daniel Moi to restore multi-party system in 1991.  

Why is the US diplomat in Nairobi and other European counterparts not ready to do what their predecessors did more than 2 decades ago to help the Kenyan people?

Indeed, Kenyans have concluded that Western powers are openly siding with a regime which does not respect human rights if what the current government of Uhuru is doing to the citizens is something to go by.

Kenyan voters are determined to get it right this time round. They have not forgotten how a stolen election in 2007 almost brought the country to its knees through ethnic killings, displacement of persons and destruction of property.

In fact, in the same year, Jendayi Frazer, the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs under President George Walker Bush, had to fly to Nairobi to advocate for a power sharing deal between retired President Kibaki and his opponent Raila Odinga.

Is history repeating itself that 10 years later, under President Trump a Republican, that a diplomat with a similar portfolio to Ms Frazer, Donald Yamamoto, has been sent to Nairobi to initiate political negotiations between the two opposing political camps?

I wonder why the US is now urging the aggrieved NASA coalition to scale down its quest for electoral justice when the country’s chief diplomat in Nairobi knows that the August election whose Presidential results were annulled by the Supreme Court were compounded with illegalities and irregularities.

The repeat of the same election conducted in October 26th was boycotted by the NASA coalition and was way worse than that of August. This time round, the Supreme Court upheld the incumbent Uhuru’s victory after facing threats and intimidations from the current government.

It should be remembered that the NASA coalition raised serious concerns before the US government and some European countries about lack of preparedness by the Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and the government of President Kenyatta, to offer a free and fair election.

The United States being a major actor in global democracy, justice and the rule of law must get it right for Kenya this time round…Circumstances have changed! What the global superpower advocated in 2007 during the post-election violence to unravel the political impasse cannot work 10 years later.

The desire of Kenyans is a free and fair elections. Kenyans want their votes to count because they are tired of quick fixes like what Secretary Yamamoto is trying to do. We were in the same imbroglio in 2007, 2013 and now in 2017. Electoral malpractices dates back to the reign of retired President Moi, who ruled Kenya with an iron fist for 24 years until his retirement in 2002.

This time round, we want tangible mechanisms that will pave the way for free, fair, credible and verifiable election. The US as a key partner for democracy can do better than piecemeal measures which leaves old wounds intact.

Friday, December 1, 2017


By concerned Kenyans at home and Abroad

Kenya has two Presidents. Uhuru Kenyatta supported by two ethnic communities 32% and Raila supported by the rest 68%.

You cannot wish this away. No presidential election will be free or fair in Kenya until Jubilee’s deep state is dislodged from power to allow for a free and fair election.

Without a national consensus on sharing of power and resources, honor, equality, belonging, justice and our hard earned freedoms elections are not going to be free and fair. If Uhuru and Ruto are left in office to use our taxes to pay The Kenya State Police (KESTAPO) headed by Joseph Boinet and Ndegwa Muhoro to render our constitutional freedoms of assembly and expression null and void, we can agree that the Kikuyu-Kalenjin state shall continue to rule with impunity forever.

We cannot pay for our slavery in Kenya forever. If we cannot overthrow this ethnic apartheid state now when over 72% of Kenyans are united against this illegitimate imposed presidency, when shall we do it? We need to evolve a national culture based on morality and legitimacy not greed and ethnic pride.

Those who have captured the state since independence will always manipulate IEBC, the Police, NIS, the Judiciary and processes to rig the presidency to maintain advantage and power to the exclusion of others. We have a deep state operated by Karanja Kibicho and Joseph Kinyua which is rigging everything in favour of a few.

God loves our nation Kenya but the altar of ethnic pride that we have raised in Kenya has displaced God; demonic greed and killing of Kenyans from ethnic communities that are demanding justice has taken over. 

So here is what will save Kenya and it is not an ordinary proposal but a radical proposal;  Hon. Uhuru has done five years and his father did fifteen as President. Let him hand over power to Hon. Raila Odinga for five years with Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka as Deputy.  We need to honor Raila and Kalonzo for their love and contribution to and for our nation.

Raila, has won elections before but denied the honor to lead Kenya as President. The two deserve to lead us as first among equals because they represent a huge constituency. But Hon. Uhuru and Ruto also represent a big constituency and he deserves to serve as Prime minister because he is leader of party with majority MPs in Parliament. It’s for Kenya.

LET THAT SINK IN. That is the way forward. We cannot have Jubilee or NASA alone governing Kenya. We cannot through election exclude Jubilee even if NASA carried the day in a repeat election.  Electoral justice is now more complicated than holding election and having a winner declared. Swearing in Uhuru and even Raila will not work for Kenya if we are to restore constitutional stability.

Even Mighty Mugabe has accepted to hand over because it’s for Zimbabwe.  In 2022, Hon.  Kalonzo to serve for five years as President and Mudavadi from 2027 as President. I listened to Hon. Mudavadi speak at All Saints today at the requiem service of Mama Mary Chesoni and I said yes he qualifies to be our President. Hon. William Ruto has served his term as Deputy President.

We can give Kenya a break from a Kikuyu or Kalenjin president. This is for Kenya. After Mudavadi, we can open the floor again. Even a Kisii or Taita or any other then should be considered if she or he is the best for our nation.

We shall have stabilized the system and established public morality, redeemed institutions and evolved a positive inclusive culture as a nation. Ethnic pride and greed is going to burn our nation and we will collapse if we don't treat this cancer quickly. His eminence Cardinal Otunga told it to us but we didn't listen- thinking that your tribe is better or anointed over others is tribalism and that is demonic. 

Why do I propose this? Because, this empty tribal arithmetic to win the presidency is not democracy. It's just winning it like a prize to have the legal right to munch meat as the others swallow saliva on starving and dying souls.

The Supreme court cannot solve our moral and spiritual crisis in a country where even Bishops and evangelists are for hire to promote an ethnic-hegemony agenda. 

For The presidency to become an office of selfless service, it must become consensual for at least ten years so that government is focused on addressing our five major needs as the people of Kenya namely a)jobs and cost of living for families especially more than nine million jobless youths b)healthcare for families c) food security and water d) housing, urbanization,  environment and sanitation e) Effective corruption free national and county governments that secures our security, nationhood,  good governance/rule of law, economy, enablers like roads and energy. 

These five needs of the people of Kenya cannot be focused on when the presidency is the outcome of rigged and grabbed elections year after year to secure ethnic pride and greed and fear of others coming to power. Since 1992, 25 years now, our focus has been on ukabila, ulafi and forming illegitimate government. The needs of the people have been neglected. The country is at the brink of destruction, even secession all because of ethnic pride and supremacy. 

 A new constitution has not fixed it, because our culture is rotten. The Soul of our nation is sick. This is the National Dialogue that we need. Democracy is not only voting in useless and pre-rigged presidential elections where more people including six-month-old children are killed by the police state militia. Elements of our constitution and Western democracy are not working for us. We need to resolve the presidency and co-existence, respect for all and get down to re-creating our nation to become the Kenya we All want- together.  

Yes, I am saying that the Kenyatta family has had the Presidency for 20 years. With Kibaki's 10, a kikuyu has been president for 30 years and that is enough. A Kalenjin has been president for 24 years. 

Let’s have ten years of addressing the needs of our people and the building of strong institutions. This needs a national consensus 2017 to 2027, where presidential elections will be consensus-based with the party with majority seats producing the Prime Minister. William Ruto should focus on the Prime minister position. Let's focus on the five needs of our nation especially through effective devolution. The delivery of services through county governments will be crucial.

Money should not be shared from national revenue to pay salaries for example. We must the address all the other long-term problems once we have a political consensus for ten years. 

Without this, we will tear the country apart, we will kill each other, destroy our economy and hurt the soul of our nation further deeply. A national envisioning moment and opportunity is at hand. The spirit of the Lord is upon the nation. 54 Years is enough.
Concerned Kenyans at home and in the diaspora!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Is it dictatorship beckoning or President Uhuru is just angry?

The institution of the Presidency appears defiled. State House has become a den of all vices bedeviling our country. Just like in the old Kanu days, it’s in State house where the current President Uhuru Kenyatta, parades ethnic lords not to discuss tangible plans for the greater good but to consolidate power.  

Retrogressive schemes are hatched in State House by the President and his deputy William Ruto, to stifle our democratic tenets.

It’s only in State House, where former governors like Isaac Ruto, Peter Munya, Moses Akaranga, and former Speaker Kenneth Marende, former legislators Cyrus Jirongo, Paul Otwoma, and senators Chris Obure and David Musila flock to, after suffering political defeat in their backyards.

Lately, the President’s tone and choice of words after the Supreme court nullified his victory has reflected him as too angry, threatening and lacking decorum. Many Kenyans feel like the wind of dictatorship is hitting our country just like what is happening in Uganda.

The most disturbing part is where the President and his henchmen have consistently threatened the Judiciary; targeting Chief Justice David Maraga over last month’s ruling.  His anger on dissenters (opposition) has been unprecedented.

Recently, the chairman of Jubilee was quoted on Television telling the world that the country can only get out the current melancholy, if President Uhuru became a benevolent dictator. This confirmed our fears that Uhuru’s “tough talk” has a genesis.

How will Kenyans gain from benevolent dictatorship apart from impeding the gains we have made as democratic country? Does Murathe know that any form of dictatorship only benefits those closer to the ruler (dictator)? 

I would like to remind Kenyans that Uhuru has enjoyed his 5 years of Presidency unperturbed. Nobody tried to prevent him from realizing the promises he made to the voters in 2013.

It’s also worthy to note that political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi, perceived as an intellectual has also stooped too low to toot an ethnic trumpet in social media. He has consistently reminded Uhuru to hit hard at the political opposition and crush them completely.  

Ngunyi, leads in political sycophancy. He lacks objectivity in his social media biased commentaries. If he is truly Uhuru’s friend, how can he advise him to do things which are contrary to the law and democratic tenets?

Crushing opposition leaders may mean detaining, assassinating, and depriving them off their freedom. Ngunyi and Murathe’s irresponsible utterances were followed by CS Fred Matiangi, withdrawing security from top opposition leaders.

Matiangi, failed to tell the nation why security forces entered university dormitories to terrorize innocent students but was quick to withdraw security from senior leaders who have served the country diligently for many years.

The National Super Alliance (Nasa) may not be an amalgam of saints, the coalition is seen by many Kenyans as the epitome of hope for the country. The leader of the coalition Raila Odinga has been steadfast, consistent and courageous to point out government excesses as it affects the common Mwananchi. He has done this in decades without faltering despite frustrations from the ruling the elite.

While all hope is not lost, the future of Kenya looks bleak. Our dreams have been shuttered by incompetence in leadership. The late Francis Imbuga, captures it so well in his play Betrayal in the City by summing it up this way: “It was better while we waited. Now we have nothing to look forward to. We have killed our past and are busy killing our future.”

Exit the foibles in the Uhuru leadership, enters others in the political spectrum. Take for instance the youthful human rights practitioner-Senator Hassan Omar who shifted gears from the Wiper Party.
Did Mr Omar learn that Nasa under Raila was taking Kenyans nowhere when he lost the Mombasa gubernatorial seat when he has been telling Kenyans that it’s the only safeguard for equity, equality, social justice and human rights compared to Jubilee?

What has changed in Uhuru and Ruto, when just a month ago during the campaigns, the senator branded them as purveyors of impunity and marginalization of the coastal people?

Current defections to the Jubilee party has spiraled. A notable figure who also surprised many after switching gears is former MP for Budalangi Ababu Namwamba. It’s still unclear what drove him to quit the Secretary General post in the ODM, to join Jubilee only to suffer a devastating defeat as Budalangi MP in August.

What drives these leaders to State House may not be the Jubilee party philosophy but what Kenyans have come to call “tumbocracy,” or better known as pursuit of “the self.”

They want relevance, cash and jobs by betraying the parties they once supported A reflection that they lack principals, character and integrity in their leadership journey.

In sum, are these the type of leaders we expect to reform Kenya? No wonder, we may take a Century to fully improve our political leadership systems and processes.  

It’s prudent therefore to conclude that, our politicians need more civic education on the role of government t more than the citizens, if what they do and say is something to go by.

Friday, October 6, 2017


By Hon Lilian Marwa
Matiangi was used to rig the elections of is it 2007 or 2013.  So the Master rigger is still in the ring of control.  Have we ever asked whether it was really Chirchir that signed in that many number of times? Or did a master minder do it ?

I did like what the CJ said in his ruling. "If the elections are carried out again without adherence to the constitution and it's brought back to them it will still be nullified".

I believe the only thing that will make us not lose in this game is having very competent agents across the country. Agents who will go by the wise saying of one Of my favorite author : Agents that will not be bought or sold!

Agents whose conscience of duty will be as the needle is to the pole! Agents who will say the truth though the heavens may fall! Those are the kind of agents we would want to have in the NASA team during elections whenever they will be conducted.

Saying Chiloba or who or who to go does not change the game for the opponents. They still have people within their circles who actually did the rigging and Kenyans are not privy of. 

The constitution is another facet that we need to guard at all costs: an enemy of the constitution is an enemy of the people  and this is the gospel I'm preaching to people wherever I go and it's working.

I had said earlier that this should be the song NASA is singing to the country and sooner or later everyone will understand the power of the constitution. It's we the people and someone has decided to attack us!

Whether we are from which tribe the constitution serves Kenyans and we should not let allow the son do what the father did!!!!  We have to change history in this country and God knows our intentions and He will not let us down.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kenyan Diaspora Group in the US Petitions the Trump administration to Intervene on Kenya's Repeat Election stalemate

A Kenyan diaspora lobby group has written to Donald Trump Administration seeking to have the administration pressurize Kenya over the repeat presidential election set for October 26th.
In their petition, Kenya Patriotic Movement (KEPAM) has expressed its worries over the rising tension surrounding the fresh poll following Supreme Court decision that nullified incumbent President Uhuru's August 8th victory.
"As Kenyan Americans under the banner of a lobby group called Kenya Patriotic Movement (KEPAM) ( ) we are a worried lot about the tension that is piling up in our mother country following the annulment of a Presidential election held on August 8th," their petition reads in part.
It adds: "The ghosts of the post-election violence of 2007/2008 are fresh in our memories. A repeat of the same will completely undermine Kenya’s peace, ruin investor confidence, hurt the tourism sector and even endanger the wellbeing of the diplomatic community in the country,".
The group points out to the significance of Kenya's stability, being home to International bodies and institutions.
"Remember, Kenya is home to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as well as the United Nations centre for human settlement (Habitat). This makes the country the only developing country with a high caliber UN office,".
The group has appealed to Trump's administration through Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, to mount pressure on the Kenyan government and the country’s electoral commission (IEBC) to agree and implement minimum reforms before a repeat Presidential election conducted.
" This is the surest way to ensure that the exercise is free, fair and credible,".
The group further puts a reference of the post election skirmishes that rocked the country after the 2007 disputed presidential poll, which they say should be prevented at all costs.
"A stolen election catalyzed massive violence in 2007/2008 which made Kenyans kill each other. The same is likely to happen again if contingency measures are not put in place to avert it,".
They also accuse President Uhuru of beating drums of war following the invalidation of his victory by the apex court early this month.
"The Supreme Court annulled the Presidential election on September 1st where it cited massive irregularities and illegalities. The faction of the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta is beating war drums by accusing the Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of the opposition leader Raila Odinga,".
" The political opposition which won the court petition for the election annulment wants minimum electoral reforms so that there will be a level playing field in the Presidential contest,".
"The current Kenyan government is afraid of reforms since it could have been a beneficiary of the bungled election annulled on September 1st. The electoral body is coerced by the incumbent to let the status quo remain. Regular citizens are afraid," it notes.
"The diplomats fear for their safety. Foreign investors are ambivalent to pursue or increase investment in Kenya. Also, Kenya boarders the volatile Somalia region, which is home to Al-Shabaab terrorist group who may take advantage of the current tension in the country to carry out their evil mission like they have done before,".
"We believe the USA is our big brother in terms of strengthening democratic institutions, advancing Peace and Security and supporting economic development in Kenya. Anything that jeopardizes the rule of law, social justice, peace and tranquility will affect these. In fact, if Kenya is hurt it may affect the US and the larger international community," It concludes.
KEPAM is lobby is officially registered in New Jersey and has close partnership with KEPAM Nairobi.
The Petition can be found here .

Friday, September 22, 2017

Message to Kenyans

By Reuben Kigame
Great people of Kenya, allow me to use this platform to say a few things that are intended to bring us together and foster sanity and responsibility at a difficult time in the history of our country. I know that given my handicap and the attitudes, some of you may have towards “another mere citizen,” it is easy to ignore me; but just grant me your ear and circulate this if you can because I desire it to reach as many of us as possible.

I love each of you and believe in our common purpose and destiny as a people. I send this out as one uncommitted to any side of the current divide and beg you to at least read and then discard if you wish. 

Most of us are exhausted from the long electioneering process of 2017. Businesses are not doing well and some, like mine, have had to close altogether. It is tough making ends meet, taking our children to school or keeping up with the news. People from across the divide are angry and approaching levels of insanity in their utterances and behavior.

For whatever this piece is worth, I want to put one point across in praise of the Kenyan citizenry. It has made me proud to be, Kenyan. When I think of the patience, restraint, endurance of tension no nation could have endured no matter how civilized, I must heartily thank every citizen for behaving most civilly I can think of.

So, believe you me or not, my only message to each of you as my brother and sister, keeps the peace and don’t let go. Let’s not allow ourselves to be divided at the tail end of a process we have handled so well this far. Like gold tried through fire, we will come out stronger and more glorious. We must hold each other close.

So let me finish by saying a few words to our leaders, on behalf of the country’s majority:
1.    IEBC – Chebukati and team, I know you have been on the receiving end, and you must already be fatigued from the process. I advise that you seek God’s wisdom first because you need it badly. Each party is exhausted from the process and so the next few weeks will be very trying for you. You have been accused of some grave matters.

As an independent institution, please don’t be swayed by any side on doing what is right. The noise around you is from those interested to get power; but out here there are great, hard-working and patient Kenyans whose lives and destinies must not be compromised by any careless decisions or actions on your part.

Given the recent revelations, kindly find the culpable who may have messed up the election process, have them step aside and assure both parties of a free and fair election.

As citizens, we are accused of many things, but you will never accuse us of impatience or failing to participate in this process. Please don’t rush to make statements you have not checked or thought through carefully. You are here for a time as this. Kindly seek dialogue with both sides and listen to each of these leaders; they are Kenyan too, then make your independent judgment.

2.    To your Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta – Together with your deputy, really sorry for what you have gone through to the point of enduring an annulled election. You can be credited for being quite resilient and must be congratulated for bringing our nation this far during your tenure the last five years or so.

I, however, request – even beg - that you kindly change your rhetoric entirely from that of anger and talking down on the supreme court as well as Hon Raila. Perhaps it would just be wise, knowing you are exhausted too, to just concentrate on persuading us for your votes. Don’t attack the court; you may need it.

We all need it. We can all revisit the arguments, but we don’t have time for anything else except the desire to a peaceful transition. You have endured worse attacks in the past. Just do your best to rally the country together and sell your agenda. We will have to pick either you or Hon Raila anyway. Sorry for what you have gone through, but, reading you like anyone else who has gone through adversity, wipe your brow and soldier on.

Nothing is lost yet; there is an election coming. Just convince us of what you could do with another five years given to you by us as citizens, but ultimately by God, given that chance. Tone down and move on. Those around His Excellency, please help him and stay close and speak encouragement instead of going over and over the pain of an annulled election.

3.    For Hon Raila Amolo Odinga and team – You are great Kenyans. Jadwong baba, we respect you for the many sacrifices you have made in the fight for multiparty democracy in this country, and many of us are enjoying the fruits of those sacrifices today because of you.

You were in detention several times unfairly because you fought for justice. You have sacrificed many big opportunities to become Kenya’s president before and instead supported others, thus fulfilling the biblical injunction of “counting others better than yourself.”

In that light, Mzee, you have been a shining example. I know, baba (and I call you so from a different standpoint – that of you qualifying to be my dad in reality) you have endured a lot. You have another opportunity because either you or His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, will get this opportunity to lead us; might you find it in your heart to listen to a small piece of advice?

The court has ruled, and we will go to another election. Might it be possible for you to just take the remaining time and sell us your agenda? Just give us reasons why we should vote for you. Could you tone down the pain and anger and begin to show us what you would look like as a leader if we gave you a chance?

Is it possible to tone down your anger against the process, or Jubilee and break down your manifesto for us? We have proved civil in many ways; with a tired population, could you kindly work with Uhuru and your two teams, NASA and Jubilee, and bring us together as a people?

4.    To the media – Fellow media men and women, you have played a significant role in informing us of the ongoing in many elections. Sometimes you have done well, and many times you have let us down too. Could you kindly restrain from opinionated and give us news?

Could you minimize these interviews where all we hear in a one-hour bulletin is more than forty minutes of opinions by so-called experts? Could you restrain from aligning on either side? Could you help those with vernacular coverage to desist from dividing us into tribal lines?

Could you take a quick reminder that Kenya is for all of us, regardless of our political affiliations? Could you please lead, given your access to numbers? Could you please play a mediating role for all of us? After all, you are media; will you not mediate?

5.    Lastly, to my clergy friends. You are too quiet. You are the representatives of Heaven here. Will you stay silent when we need to hear from God? Will you take sides or be cowed by partisanship? Aren’t our churches full of congregants from different walks of life and political groupings?

Can you stay silent? What is God saying? What does His Word say about this time? Do you really love everyone the same? Do you pray for one side of the divide and silently curse the other? If you do so, you will not be worthy of your calling.

If you have already taken sides, it is time for you to go before God and repent. That should not happen at all. This is the position we must all take at all times being servants of God. God loves Jubilee members and leaders the same way He loves NASA members and leaders. For a reminder, He made them all in His image. 

God loves the Atheist, the Agnostic, the witch, the Christian, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Israeli, the Palestinian. God loves India and God loves Kashmir.

God loves President Uhuru, and god loves Hon Raila Odinga. We must pray for them and love them, but also correct them equally if they go astray. I must remind, too, that God loves IEBC officials and we must support and pray for them.

God has put you all here and all of us here for a time as this. We are alive now so that we step into our places of responsibility and save the nation currently, but most significantly, our posterity, to which we must bequeath the future.

In closing, if you are on social media, you are a media owner. Please remember that there is a time to speak and a time to stay silent. How many of you have ever spoken through silence? Remember that every idle word we utter will be judged by God.

God bless you and God bless Kenya

Raila Odinga Calls President Uhuru a DICTATOR Who wants to cling to power like Yahya Jammeh of Gambia

Monday, September 11, 2017

Kenyans In The Diaspora Warn Jubilee Regime From Meddling In The Electoral Process

Kenyans in the diaspora under a lobby group Kenya Patriotic Movement ‘KEPAM’ which brings together Kenyans at home and abroad in the pursuit for social justice, civic awareness, fairness
in the electoral processes, equity and equality would like to make the following statement:

We want to warn the Jubilee government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop meddling in the electoral process…
We further would like to remind the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission ‘IEBC’ that Kenyans may not participate in the repeat Presidential election which is slated on 17th October unless key steps are taken to ensure fairness in the process.
We cannot acknowledge piecemeal measures the commission is taking like staff changes. Unless the electoral body consults key stakeholders for shared arrangements in the repeat election, Kenyans will not have any confidence in what they are doing since their integrity remain questionable after the Supreme Court nullifying President Uhuru’s victory.
The Kenyan diaspora want to question the capacity of one Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi, whom in collaboration with IEBC Chair Mr. Wafula Chebukati arrived at the date of the election re-run of October 17th, 2017 unilaterally without consulting with the stakeholders.
Why is the Jubilee government meddling in the electoral process?
We would therefore like to standby and honour the ruling of the Supreme Court in Kenya which stated that a repeat of the election should be in another sixty (60) days to avoid yet another shambolic election re-run.
As diaspora, we are aware that Kenya’s current President does not enjoy full legitimacy. We condemn the public demonstrations by his government not only as a disrespect and abuse to the country judiciary through our dignified Chief Justice Justice David Kenani Maraga but also to the constitution and the citizens of Kenya. All this is owing to the Supreme Court of Kenya rendering judgment not in favour of the Jubilee Party.
President Uhuru and his deputy have both committed a crime by incoherently attacking the Chief Justice, without demonstrating dignity and addressing the public whilst in an impaired judgment.
Constitutionally, sovereignty vests in the people and can only be exercised by the Executive on behalf of the people. The Government hold their offices in trust of the people they are but mere public servants elected by the people to serve the people.
The President has no powers whatsoever to give orders, disband, fix or adjudge the Judiciary.
Our Judiciary has elevated the country globally as a beacon of hope for democracy. We therefore want to move in the same tempo in order to be at par with other democratic giants in the world.” Said Veronica Bonao from the United Kingdom.
“We cannot allow the respect we have earned in the global stage through the integrity of CJ Maraga and his team by a rogue electoral body led by Chebukati to be whitewashed.” We are ready to protect it for posterity.” Said Nyaringo, who is also the President of Kenya patriotic Movement, the diaspora lobby group.
We call upon strict adherence to the country’s constitution by the IEBC. Furthermore, the Jubilee government must refrain from engaging the Security forces to subvert the determination of Kenyans who are thoroughly oppressed and are ready to exercise their democratic right to elect a leader of their choice as stipulated in the Kenyan constitution.
The constitution is very clear on separation of powers between the executive, judiciary and the legislature and the functions of independent constitutional bodies which aid in governance like the IEBC.
Mr Tom Mogondo from Kansas observes this: “We demand the entire IEBC Secretariat to be overhauled. “If an invigilator helps a student to cheat in an exam, he or she must face the law but when the IEBC boss gets accolades from the government, it’s a clear reflection that the two are in cohort”
We want to challenge the IEBC to tell Kenyan voters that they are guilty based on their result outcome post election held on August 8th, 2017.Technology mechanisms they have put in place to ensure that what transpired under their watch on August 8th cannot be repeated and the device must be open to the public to vet.
The diaspora are ready to offer their inputs to the integral officials of the IEBC if called upon in order to ensure that there is fairness in the process of electing our President.
The coming Presidential election will be epic. That’s why all stakeholders must be involved in planning.
The IEBC should not take Kenyans for a ride. The ruling by the Supreme Court had serious ramifications. Ignoring its orders is tantamount to contempt of court.
We want to remind the President to give room for Judicial independence.
Signed by:
Joseph Lister Nyaringo- New Jersey, Sally Olembo-Florida,Tegi Obanda-CanadaVeronica Bonao-UK,Christine Nordström_ Sweden,Anna Walter-UK,Eric Omune-Gulf,Tom Mogonda-Kansas,Dr George Omburo-New Jersey,Jectone Oyoo-Texas, Ali Abdo Ali-UK.