Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Architects of political opposition in Parliament not sincere

The second liberation for Kenya that was once fought for so passionately is here with us. Kenyans wants to see service delivery and not empty rhetoric from elected leaders. It’s tragic that vibrant and energetic leaders have stooped to low to pursue selfish and narrow interests instead of addressing the most urgent problems facing the nation. That is why I agree with Mutahi Ngunyi, of Nation Media Group, that fighting poverty must be the most urgent issue to tackle by our leaders besides fighting corruption and even the constitutional review process. Why is Namwamba, Kutuny and Isaac Ruto and others craving for official opposition when the bulky of their supporters are living from hand to mouth? Under the prevailing governance structures, an Official Opposition in Parliament cannot solve any problem that bedevils the Country. Kenyans are more informed than what those pressing for an official opposition think. It has been observed that the chief architect of this move is the former YK92 boss and the MP for Lugari honourable Cyrus Jirongo. And this is the man the likes of Namwamba are pushing for that position given the fact that his part is not party to any of the coalition partner- Kibaki’s PNU and Raila’s ODM. This is an absurdity given the fact Kenyans are aware of Jirongo’s political CV inside out. They are bound to fail dismally and dent their political CV forever. I therefore caution Namwamba and group that if they are being catapulted blindly by Jirongo to press for an official opposition, they are denting their political career. Under the current circumstances, there are many ways these politicians can serve their constituents and the entire nation without an opposition. Kutuny of Cherangani, Isaac Ruto of Chepalungu and Namwamba of Budalangi have a great political future and they should not let it be destroyed by some selfish manoeuvres by a leader whose political schemes are never for the Kenyan people. What are the essentials of official opposition in parliament if it’s not intended to recreate and spur the political likes of Jirongo? Joseph Lister Nyaringo
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