Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gusii Politics, after Nyachae

When one quits or retires from any position of authority, they leave behind landmarks that others will live to admire or hate. That is why honourable Nyachae’s hint to quit politics has left his friends in a state of quandary while his enemies a shy of relief. For a man who has sacrificed his energies, knowledge and expertise to serve this country, we need to reflect back on what legacy he will leave behind within administrative circles and in politics. For those who disagreed with honourable Nyachae and those who liked his leadership styles in Gusiiland and the entire country, the best yardstick to measure the old man’s legacy should be based on what the current and future generations can bequeath from him. In other words, did Nyachae play his part to transform his villages, community, province and the entire nation? Did he augur positive qualities that he shall be remembered for even for a century to come? Did Nyachae play his role to rekindle hopes, raise people from apathy, unify and focus on good change for Abagusii and the entire our country, since he held positions that empowered him to effect that change? I personally admire Nyachae’s no nonsense stand on issues that he feels strongly about. Once he takes a position, he does not backtrack. This is a good quality especially when you are convinced that you are 100% right. However, it can backfire when you are proved wrong. Since politics does not have permanent enmity or friendship, the outgoing MP for Nyaribari Chache played it from a different perspective. If he disagrees with you, there is no looking back. This is manifested on the way Nyachae has dealt with senior politicians from Gusiiland like: Chris Obure, Professor Sam Ongeri and the late doctor Zachary Onyonka to mention but a few. Ironically, it’s hard to tell between whom between Nyachae and the said was right or wrong and if they did initiate or augur any reconciliatory tone towards Nyachae. In fact, in the national political realm, we have seen leaders differ and at the end, they reconcile. The best example of how enmity does not play in politics is honourable Njenga Karume and President Kibaki, taking different paths in the 2002 general elections and now honourable Karume serves in President Kibaki’s cabinet. In Gusiiland, Nyachae’s exit from politics will mark a watershed. He will leave the community more polarized and disunited. We have politicians already wounded as a result of Nyachae’s is eventual exit from politics and being an electioneering year, they will be disoriented on which strategies to devise in order to recapture their parliamentary seats. The members of Parliament who are currently in tenterhooks over Nyachae’s latest move include honourables: Stephen Manoti, Masanya, Joel Onyancha, Jimmy Angwenyi, Hezron Manduku and Stephen Opore to mention but a few. These leaders have continued to ride a high horse as a result of Nyachae’s influence in their political lives and the way he paved way for their election in 2002 general elections. The current Minister for planning and national development Henry Obwocha has an edge as he can use his presence in the cabinet to galvanize his people for possible re-election. The current mood of the Abagusii people is a quest for transformative leadership; a leadership that will empower them and lift them from the current social, political and economic degradation. They want leaders who will bring people together not a part as well as building democratic structures where divergent opinions will suffice besides nurturing a political culture devoid of dictatorship and big man syndrome. Joseph Lister Nyaringo, Bobasi, Gucha District
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