Wednesday, February 3, 2010


They have met again to build a winning team just like they did in 1992. This time round not for the cockerel but for the Orange . Cyrus Jirongo and William Ruto of the YK 92 fame are now together after the latter decided to join the former to drum up support for Raila Odinga in the ODM family. One cannot underestimate Jirongo’s charisma, mobilizing skills strategic manoeuvres, as observed in the multiparty elections of 1992. He made the opposition look like a band of minnows and sneaked Moi back into the His way the way it did for Moi in 1992. If his record is anything to go by, Jirongo is said to be one of the most aggressive politicians in Kenya and the issue of grassroots reach beyond Western Province is not an issue for him. This is a big plus for Raila and his Orange team. Nobody knew Jirongo and Ruto will deliver votes for Moi when the Country was yearning for change in the first multiparty elections. Kenyans had experienced tribal clashes, mass economic malpractices and many vices in the former government, but Cyrus Jirongo, and Ruto worked with a wet towel around their heads to ensure a win for Kanu under Moi. History is likely to repeat itself in this year’s general elections since the two leaders Jirongo and Ruto can boast to have more political experience than in the elections of 1992. The Writing is on the wall; the KADDU boss’s move to support Raila Odinga for the Presidency signifies that Western Province is rewriting its political history. His KADDU party began as a simple story but going by its new alliance with ODM, one can only write it off at his own peril. He decided to support ODM but from a very principled standing point; basing it on his party manifesto and hence, it was objective as opposed to the Joseph Kamotho theatrics that we have been treated to in recent political history. Mr. Cyrus Jirongo popularly known as CJ’s support for Raila is a clear manifest to unite a politically fragmented province whose leaders like Kombo have continued to operate on tribal leanings with a narrow focus not beyond Bukusuland. It can be observed that if things go well for the Orange , the big winners in Western Province will Mudavadi and Jirongo; courtesy of the Luhyia unity that we have started to see coming to fruition in Western Province . Under this new political arrangement, the biggest looser in the Province is likely to be honourable Musikari Kombo and his Ford Kenya party. Those who have met him do say Jirongo is a man of the people; he augurs a lot of empathy especially for the people of low estate which is a manifestation of humanistic values. He responds to emergencies especially on assisting the sick and paying school fees for students from poor families. While many Kenyans have always questioned Mr. Jirongo’s immense wealth, the man is said to be a hard worker, a good manager and superb in making business deals. Besides this, he has never been embroiled in any major scandal; a factor likely to catapult him and his KADDU party nationally since he will field civic and Parliamentary candidates on the party ticket. Jirongo has joined the winning team which is likely to take the next government. Without any shadow of doubt, KADDU is a party to watch and any disregard will most certainly leave a very bad taste in the mouth. It remains the only key party that has supported the ODM candidate but reserved its mandate of fielding its own civic and Parliamentary candidates in the entire country. With Jirongo and Ruto on his side, Raila Odinga has a superb team to spur the Orange into victory noting that the incumbent’s campaign machinery has began in a wrong footing. Kibaki’s campaign point man in Gusiiland, Mr. Simeon Nyachae’s move to unleash terror on his political detractors using an unlawed group dubbed ‘Amachuma’in Ekegusii has robbed Kibaki a considerable number of votes in the Country. This act did not help in anyway to resuscitate Kibaki’s dwindling support in Gusiiland and the entire Country.
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