Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kibaki is an enemy of Democracy

Any leader who defies public opinion is not a friend of a democratic society but a dictator. This is what has compounded Kibaki’s Presidency of over six years. The series of events that have taken place since President Kibaki was elected enmasse in 2002 portrays him as a very unreliable leader who does not listen to the cries of his subjects. He doesn’t work on what is popular to the masses but soughts audience from a small click of tribal chieftains. Quite often, the president has made decisions whose sanity puzzles the nation. Who doesn’t know that Mr. Ringera has done nothing to fight corruption, and that the Kenya anticorruption Commission needs an overhaul? Look what he has done? President Kibaki is an enemy of meritocracy, in public service. His biggest undoing is his ethnic eye on national appointments and allocation of responsibilities in government. We don’t care whether Ringera is a Meru, Luo or Kikuyu but as Kenyans, we want performers. This is the same impediment that bedevils the Country’s public service where an old guard; Francis Muthaura who has been ailing and past retirement age, his back as civil service head. Does it mean the country doesn’t have young men and women with the skills to perform Muthaura’s job? His second term in office was disastrous- questionable victory that led to blood shed, dysfunctional state house, tribal leanings, lack of national cohesion, betrayals, indecision, protecting corrupt friends, tribalism, greed, financial scandals, lack of empathy and compassion for the hurting nation. President Kibaki does things as if he is Kenya and Kenya is his. He signed the Communication amendment Bill even after majority of Kenyans including the Prime Minister expressed displeasure over the many flaws that were in the Bill. Because of tribalism, he appointed Uhuru Kenyatta to be in charge of our national coffers yet Mr. Kenyatta his poor in fiscal management. We all know the goofs Mr. Kenyatta has made since he took over as Finance docket from Mr. Amos Kimunya. The most worrisome thing is why the Finance docket has always evolved within the Mount Kenya region in Kibaki’s Presidency. Kenyans expected a decentralized system where government responsibilities are rotated to reflect our diversity as a nation with 42 ethnic communities. Truly, during Moi’s reign, the Finance Ministry was not a preserve for Kalenjins but for all Kenyans. We had Saitoti, a Maasai, Nyachae a Kisii, Kibaki, a Kikuyu, Obure a Kisii and Okemo, a Luyia, to mention but a few who served in this Ministry. As a nation, we e are left wondering whether President Kibaki knows where we are heading as a nation unless he wants to take us back to Egypt and not the promised land. Indeed, what tangible legacy will Kibaki leave behind since he is in the sunset years of his political life? He will bequeath nothing especially to the young generation of Kenyans except tribalism, greed for power, maintaining the status quo, indecision, doing things his way and lack of leadership when the nation needs direction.
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