Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The attack on honourables William Ruto and Omingo Magara by thugs purportedly hired by honourable Simeon Nyachae on Friday is a travesty to democracy, freedom and a negation of the democratic gains this country as made since the advent of multiparty politics in 1991. If Mr. Nyachae cares for Kibaki’s re-election, how does he expect people of Rift Valley and Nyanza Provinces to support the President given the violence they saw orchestrated on the two ODM leaders? It was an agonising experience to see elected leaders with bruises resulting from political violence by Nyachae and Jimmy Angwenyi’s thugs. How do you call yourself honourable when you orchestrate violence against other honourable MPs? If you don’t carry yourself with honour, who will honour you? For President Kibaki to save his face in this campaign period, he should sack honourable Nyachae from the cabinet; have him arrested and be charged in a court of law for incitement. Failing to do so will be a minus for his re-election bid especially in the Rift Valley and Nyanza provinces. Nyachae spoke passionately to support the violence before Kenyans and this is enough exhibit to have him arrested and charged for incitement. The attack on ODM leaders is Nyachae’s hate for Raila whom they support. Ironically, Nyachae is forgetting that it was the same Raila who paved the way for Kibaki’s rise to the Presidency and now enjoys the fruits he never worked for in the government of national unity. Why has the man forgotten his tirades and epithets against Kibaki and now want to destroy those against the Kibaki through violence? Did Raila and Kibaki supporters attack Nyachae’s failed Presidential bid in 2002? Mr. Magara has a legitimate right to campaign for himself and for Raila without intimidation, coercion and harassment in South Mugirango . He had the freedom to attend the fundraiser, even if Nyachae was the chief guest because it was in his Constituency. The people of Gusii are vehemently against violence; which we view as a shameful and a defeatist move by a man who is in the sunset years of not only his Biological life but also political life. Nyachae has done nothing for Abagusii to dictate their destiny even with his unfettered access to the country’s top leadership in Kibaki’s government of national unity. As a community, we want a new hue of leadership to empower our people by building political cohesiveness, tolerance, and building democratic values where dissent and divergent opinions will suffice. Our people want to see a leadership culture that is devoid of dictatorship, violence and the big man syndrome. Nyachae and his cronies like Jimmy Angwenyi should respect Mr. Magara’s stand to campaign for Raila Odinga for the Presidency, just like Nyachae will want reciprocity by supporting President Kibaki. Those from Gusii who support President Kibaki’s re-election like I, cannot under any circumstance condone Nyachae’s Friday show of political barbarism. As an aspiring MP, I call upon all the Youth in Gusiiland not to be misled by leaders whose primary motive is propagating hate, violence and division. We can gain more when together as a community. Our future lies on making better decisions by disassociating with leaders who wants us to loose respect from other communities. Every aspirant in Gusii need to campaign freely for votes in the coming elections and I urge all registered voters is to elect credible leaders who are vibrant and visionary in all the ten constituencies of Gusiiland. Through that, we can write the political obituary of Nyachae and the current MPs whom he imposed on the people in the 2002. Why should we allow ourselves to be isolated from the rest of the country by an individual who has done nothing to spur the lives of our people? Nyachae is only interested in expanding his business empire and will leave no legacy except hate, clanism, open rancour, hot temper, insults, disunity, arrogance and hate politics. I call upon President Kibaki’s campaign handlers not to mandate Nyachae as point man in Gusii. If they make this goof, I see a shameful defeat for the President. ODM will win Nyanza with a big margin; realizing that Kibaki’s hope for Nyanza is Gusiiland and perhaps Kurialand. Nyachae should retire from politics a respectfully. He has a big family and belongs to a community whose image he wants to dent in the national limelight. I urge him to strive and reconcile with all the local leaders including Magara, whom he attacked on Friday. This is to the best interest of Abagusii and the country. If he wants to understand political reconciliation, let him ask his cabinet colleague, honourable Njenga Karume’s relationship with Kibaki in 2002 and where they currently stand.
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