Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our leadership should change their operational etiquette in 2009

We are hours away to say bye to this year and usher in 2009. Many Kenyans will take a long time come to terms with the many negative events they went through in 2008. Despite the tragic events in 2008, we must move on as a nation with optimism that things will get well as every citizen will play their part to realize this end. However, it’s our Country’s leadership with the cardinal responsibility of ensuring that Kenya is back on course. The government must stop being impervious with the afflictions Kenyans have been through in 2008. Safety and security The country’s leadership must remember that when things are rough for the majority. Not even the ruling class- the president, cabinet ministers, mayors or provincial administration heads can be safe. The public outrage, rancour and anguish exhibited during Jamhuri day celebration should act as a wakeup call for the grand coalition government to address the urgent problems that are afflicting Kenyans expeditiously. Millions of them in urban and rural areas are deeply affected by the high cost of living. Desperation looms large by Kenya ’s urban and slum duellers. This has brought about social evils like robberies, thuggery, prostitution and deception amongst the Kenyan population. People don’t fear repercussions, as they are using all means to make ends meet because of hopelessness. The level of confusion that we have experienced in the country for the whole of 2008 has been immense. From post election violence, student unrest, prison guards strikes and currently, confusion has ruled supreme amongst inmates in several prisons in the Country. It will take a responsible leadership to reverse these cycles especially the impending strike by teachers on January 19. Responsible leadership The current leaders in the grand coalition government must remember that the quest for leadership is not a quest to live in clover when the citizens are going through agony. Leadership is about responsibility and a passion to be with the people in good and bad times where you offer them guidance and direction by sharing their aspirations and predicaments. Trade unionist only defend the workers but national leaders like president Kibaki, and Prime Minister Raila and all MPs must become trade unions for the entire society. They need to represent the interests of farmers, workers, the poor, the sick, children and adults and the jobless. This is their cardinal responsibility and when they fail, outraged Kenyans who gave them the mandate are justified to act in a manner that will prompt them to act. National leadership is all about safeguarding public interests through devising common sense solutions to the challenges that face the citizens. President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga must remember that they are like fathers in families and Kenyans looks forward to them to address national problems. They need to look back and see where they failed so that in 2009, they take a positive direction in order to get our country out of the current quagmire. If they fail, the result from Kenyans might be unpredictable. Millions of desperate Kenyans might resort to anarchy or even a revolution that can paralyze state operations or even bring down the government. Your own dog can turn against you when it’s hungry. Our leaders should not forget the French Revolution of 1789 or the March against Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines . No weapon can stop people power. No security apparatus can curtail the masses to realize what they want especially when they don’t see hope in their lives. The angry reactions exhibited in 2008 emanate from hungry people expressing displeasure for a government whose men and women are living in material opulence when they citizens are living in squalor. Urgent problems The greatest problems facing majority of Kenyans is poverty, high disparity between the rich and the poor, unemployment and high coast of living. The grand coalition government should give Kenyans hope lest the nation sinks into mediocrity. The government should try to devise ways of job creation to ensure self reliance for Kenyans, support farmers in order to produce enough to feed the nation and their families. The country also needs a new constitution because the one we have has been a recipe for the current national impediments. Public workers- teacher and civil servants should be remunerated well in order to spur their morale to serve the Kenyan people and students. The 2008 has come to an end the future of Kenyans is pegged on the steps the government will take to tackle the urgent problems facing the nation. Our leaders need to change their operational etiquette by putting a human to the cries of the nation. It’s the steps that the government will take that will ensure success or doom for our nation in 2009.
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