Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A People Revolution imminent if Kenyan leaders can’t act

The government must stop being impervious with what took place last week at Nyayo national stadium but try to establish its genesis. Nobody can be safe in any Country when things are rough for the majority. Not even the ruling class- the president, cabinet ministers, mayors or provincial administration heads. The outrage, rancour and anguish that were exhibited from the masses during Jamhuri day celebration cannot be written off. The young man, Fredrick Odhiambo’s shouts at the head of state within 10 metres radius is a sign of bad things to come from the Kenyan masses. Its must be remembered that at the stadium, it wasn’t only Odhiambo, Nyambane, carol Muthoko, Jalango or Mwalimu Mati, or the media fraternity who had bitterness over the government’s attitudes towards the plight of Kenyans, but hundreds of citizens, who would have paralysed the celebration to result into fatalities that has never been seen in any national holiday celebration. People can do anything when they are desperate irrespective of the repercussions, to drive a point. It happened to President Bush three days ago from an outraged Iraq journalist who threw shoe at the USA leader. The quest for leadership is not a quest for greatness but a passion to be the people’s representative in good and bad times; providing them with guidance and direction while sharing their aspirations and predicaments. Like a trade unionist who advocates for workers; Kibaki, Raila and all MPs are trade unions for the entire society; representing the interests of farmers, workers, the poor, the sick, children and adults and the jobless. This is their cardinal responsibility and when they fail, outraged Kenyans who gave them the mandate are justified to act in a manner that will prompt them to act. It’s a norm that world over; governments are safeguards of public interests. They address national challenges through devising workable remedies to create better lives for the ruled. That is why President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga must remember that they are like fathers in families and Kenyans looks forward to them to solve national problems and provide direction. If they fail, the results will be unpreventable anarchy or even a revolution that can paralyze the operations of the state and even bring down a government. Its must be remembered that Kenyans are peace loving people and our leaders’ behaviours might compel the people to resort to this eventuality. Your own dogs can turn against you when they are hungry. The angry reactions we are seeing are from hungry people expressing displeasure for a government whose men and women are living in material opulence when they citizens are living in squalor. Our leaders must wake up and start addressing the afflictions Kenyans are going through like: poverty, high disparity between the rich and the poor, unemployment and high coast of living. Kenyans are also outraged by our legislatures for being ignorant and negligent in taking better positions over the Bills floated in the house to reflect the interest of the nation, especially the Media and finance Bills. If they don’t, they must not forget the French Revolution of 1789 or the March against Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines . No weapon can stop people power. No security apparatus can curtail the masses to realize what they want especially when they don’t see hope in their lives. As 2008 almost comes to an end, Kenyans knows that their aspirations are pegged on the steps the government will take to tackle the urgent problems that are bedeviling our nation by new directions and a reassurance. Our leaders need to change their behaviour lest Kenyans are compelled to put democracy behind them to decide those who should carry the leadership torch for this country even before 2012. The top echelons of power president, MPs or security apparatus cannot overcome what Kenyans might resort to especially if they continue to suffer. However, we don’t expect the government to do everything, or exhibit perfection, or change things overnight but to lay a leadership a strategy mirrored on hope for better things to come for Kenyans by focusing on clear priority mechanisms that can spur the people’s standard of living.
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