Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A People Revolution May be the BEST option for Kenya

The current government is extremely impervious with the problems that bedevil this nation. Beginning from the Nyayo stadium escapade, the current famine crisis, insecurity and rampant corruption portrays us as a Country with leaders who have failed to lead. We citizens are like a flock of sheep wandering in the wilderness without a shepherd. The outrage that exists in the hearts of many Kenyans reflects a nation ready to explode. Fredrick Odhiambo is not alone over his shouts at the head of state within 10 metres radius during last year’s Jamhuri day celebrations. As for me, it was a sign of things to come from the Kenyan masses if we maintain a leadership which cares less about the plight of the Kenyan masses. Nobody will be safe in any Country when things are rough for the majority. Not even the ruling class- the president, cabinet ministers, mayors or provincial administration heads. Its must be remembered that at the stadium, it wasn’t only Odhiambo, Nyambane, Carol Muthoko, Jalango, Mwalimu Mati, or the media fraternity who had bitterness over the government’s attitudes towards the plight of citizens, but MILLIONS OF KENYANS, who would have paralysed the celebrations resulting into fatalities. Thank God, members of the clergy, despite failing to provide leadership in the 2007 elections have now realized the need to face the current government head-on without fear. I abhor the acts of suicide bombers but it seems desperation drives them to extremity. People can do anything when they are desperate irrespective of the repercussions, to drive a point. No weapon can stop people power; not even the best security apparatus can curtail the masses to realize what they want especially when they don’t see hope in their lives. It’s a norm world over for governments to act as safeguards of public interests. National challenges are addressed by existing government through devising workable remedies to better lives of the citizens (the ruled). That is why President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga must remember that they are like fathers in families and Kenyans looks forward to them to solve national problems and provide direction. If they don’t, they must not forget the French Revolution of 1789 or the March against Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. The quest for leadership is not a quest for greatness but a passion to be the people’s representative in good and bad times; providing them with guidance and direction while sharing their aspirations and predicaments to achieve a positive destiny. Like a trade unionist who advocates for workers; Kibaki, Raila and all MPs are trade unions for the entire society; representing the interests of farmers, workers, the poor, the sick, children and adults and the jobless. This is their cardinal responsibility and when they fail, outraged Kenyans who gave them the mandate are justified to act in a manner that will prompt them to act or even catalyse a revolution where the power of the masses will pave the way for a leader with the capacity and the willingness to catapult positive change in our country. Comrades, forgive me. I am not trying to preach or advocate for violence or support a coup detat in this forum. I respect the rule of law and I also believe in the power of a democracy. But when we revisit the power of this democracy, we all cringe with a deep shudder over the 2007 elections fiasco. Its must be remembered that Kenyans are peace loving people and our leaders’ behaviours is what might compel them to catalyse a leadership revolution. Friends, how long shall the citizens live on empty promises while they continue being used by politicians as rubber stamps? How long shall we watch the national exchequer being looted and those behind it are left to go scot-free? How long shall we watch the citizens dying of famine when we have the best climate in the world? How long shall our people continue to survive on a dollar a day while the men and women we entrust with national leadership are living in material opulence? Kenyans shall soon become hungry dogs that turn against the owners when they are starving. Our leaders must wake up and start addressing the afflictions Kenyans are going through like: poverty, famine, high disparity between the rich and the poor, unemployment and high coast of living. Our aspirations as a nation are pegged on the steps the government will take to tackle these urgent problems. Please friends, don’t take this forum for granted, great ideas that changed the world started in small forums like this one, let us maintain respect and decorum. Let us be objective and accommodative to divergent views. Let us not view those with different viewpoints as enemies. After all, WHEN ALL THINK A LIKE, NOBODY IS THINKING and remember, success is pegged on thinking over something nobody has ever thought of. Finally, we can only realize positive change in our Country by a better leadership. Let us not cheat ourselves that positive change can be realized when the top leadership is a mess. When the leadership at the top is accountable, it mirrors down to the entire nation. We don’t expect the government to do everything, or exhibit perfection, or change things overnight but to lay a leadership a strategy that will dispel apathy from Kenyans by focussing on clear priority mechanisms that can spur the people’s standard of living. I personally believe that it’s a revolution that can change Kenya not the current leadership. Kenya DOESN’T NEED a NEW CONSTITUTION IN ORDER TO SEE TANGIBLE CHANGES- We needs better leadership that can give a better constitution and also respect it. I am 100% even if we had a good constitution; nothing forthcoming can be achieved from the current corrupt government of President Kibaki and Raila Odinga. I call upon NYC to ensure that the fire that the movement has lit should move from village to village, town to town in order to change the mindset of our people. Out of this, if we come up with a national strategy, it will be easier to fight and move with the masses step by step, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder in order to achieve what I have stipulated as headline in this piece.
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