Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rift Valley Leaders should give Raila a break

Good leadership entails taking a stand on matters irrespective of how unpopular they are to those closest to you so long as it has a sum total of enhancing the quality of life to the majority that you lead. While Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s leadership style is laudable nationally, it has not gone well with leaders from the Rift Valley where he got majority of support during last year’s general election.

Raila’s stand to relocate current inhabitants of the Mau Forest in order to protect the water catchment area as well as his initial stand on the Waki report has put him on a collision cause with many leaders from the Rift valley including his right hand man; honourable William Ruto who is also the Minister for Agriculture. Raila is a Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya and not for Kalenjins or Rift Valley Province. They should give him a break to serve the Country whose population has now reached 38 Million people.

 The MPs critical to the Prime Minister must remember that if Raila commits a crime or a felony today, he will be subjected to the due process and reciprocally, if any leader irrespective of being a bosom friend to him, must face justice. If these leaders campaigned for Raila and in fact delivered the votes, do they expect him to lie low and compromise his leadership principles in order to appease them? Many Kenyans expected William Ruto whose political mentors survived on cronyism to change the tune and speak on his own.

Galvanising MPs in an ethnic enclave to demonise a man whose song they sung eleven months ago reflects political immaturity, and lack of leadership. Political cronyism is an old Kanu mentality that has bedevilled this Country for many decades and when a youthful legislature of Ruto’s calibre wants to perpetuate the vice, many Kenyans are left wondering if the man is worthy his weight for national leadership. The Eldoret North MP must stop inciting the Kalenjin Community against the Prime Minister.

 Ruto must stop using political amateurs like Joshua Kutuny who is always whining and attacking Raila simply because he was not appointed to the cabinet, just like his Budalangi counterpart, Ababu Namwamba.

 It’s also absurd that even a nominated MP who was rejected by voters during the ODM nomination Mr. Musa Sirma is at the frontline dismissing the Prime Minister saying he has abandoned the Kalenjin community at the point of need. Which point of need? Mr. Sirma must be thankful not only to Raila but also the entire ODM fraternity for nominating him after being rejected by the electorates. If Ruto doesn’t sober up on his brand of politics, many Kenyans will begin to think that former President Moi, an ardent critic of him, is absolutely right.

 A Cabinet reshuffle coming up soon will affect two legislatures from the Kalenjin community to replace the late Lorna laboso and Kipkalya Kones. Those who have been bad mouthing the Prime Minister like Franklin Bet, Isaac Ruto amongst others are being watched keenly. If they get silent in case they are appointed, then it will be the highest show of sycophancy and a cry for power.

 The stand taken by most ODM legislatures from the Rift valley to reject the implementation of the Waki report defying the Prime Minister who had earlier on supported it is tragic for the party seen by Kenyans as more progressive and change oriented. Rift Valley legislatures must calm down instead of laying themselves bare. They must realize that the Waki report is not intended to victimize members of the Kalenjin community since it touches all sides of the political hail- both in ODM and PNU.

 Who knows even President Kibaki’s name might be in the sealed envelope as he was at the centre of controversy following the way he was hurriedly sworn in on the lawns of state house at dusk? The Waki reports touches an alleged meeting that took place at State House to galvanize Mungiki goons. From this premise, Rift Valley leaders purported to have been involved in perpetrating the violence should stop having butterflies in their stomachs. They must carry their own Cross to face justice either at home or at The Hague .

They should not cry for Raila to protect them. In the spiritual philosophy, it’s good to be accused falsely and suffer falsely but worse to be accused rightfully and suffer rightfully. Many Kenyans however prefers those implicated to be tried in Hague, because a home grown tribunal is not likely to give justice to the thousands of Kenyans who lost their lives in the post election violence Truth and justice does not impress all people but without it, it’ elusive to talk about harmony and reconciliation in a Country like ours which was on the verge of collapse 11 months a go.
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