Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rotational Leadership not good for Narc Kenya

As a narc Kenya supporter and contender for Bobasi Parliamentary seat in Gucha District, I vehemently disagree with the trend of rotating the Narc Kenya Chairmanship. What the party requires is a clear and focused interim national leadership that will steer the party forward in readiness to the coming general elections. How do we ensure accountability, continuity and responsibility in party leadership especially in this electioneering year while sifting leadership? Again, why was honourable Mukhisa Kituyi allowed to serve more that the original time-frame only to have him replaced while in a trip overseas? The party also needs an inclusive national secretariat well structured and coordinated to ensure effective marketing of the party. It doesn’t matter whether the party has held elections or not since we have men and women in this country who can carry the party’s torch on interim basis until the right time for branch and national party elections are held. The replacement of honourable Mukhisa Kituyi from interim chairmanship has cast a dark shadow on the party’s seriousness to unity and enhancing its support base to all parts of the country. The replacement was undemocratically done and with ulterior motives that augurs negatively to party. In fact, opponents of the party will use is as an ammunition to dent the it. The way forward for the party is to involve as many people as possible when it comes to key decision making but not a section of supporters. I can point out that the current sitting MPs have been at the fore-front on deciding the way forward for the party which is a travesty to democracy and popular opinion. This is the best time for the party to reach out to all stake holders on the ground if it wants to a mass a support base countrywide.
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