Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Way forward for Narc Kenya – Elections

Majority of Narc Kenya supporters Countrywide supports the holding of party elections, as it will give the party a structured framework that will enhance its popularity in readiness for the general elections. We also realize that in a functioning multiparty democracy, the importance of party elections cannot be underestimated as the party belongs to the people not the individuals. Therefore, it will be wise to conclude that those against party elections are enemies of democracy, party members and even the re-election of President Kibaki’s deserved second term in office. However in the grassroots, there exist loopholes, which if not sealed, will culminate into a flawed process that will dent the image of the party especially in this election year. As a party supporter, I recommend that the party should give membership cards freely by scrapping the current trend where parliamentary aspirants buy the cards for the members which as proved very expensive especially in constituencies with a higher number of registered voters. The party should also ensure that before elections, every polling station has a register with genuine registered party members. Otherwise, if the exercise is done at random, the process is likely to be hijacked by party opponents and the repercussions will be regrettable. The party should also ensure that elections panellists list from every constituency conforms to the party’s constitution where civic and Parliamentary aspirants are mandated to provide the list agreed upon by all to facilitate transparency and fair play during party and general elections. During the submission of election panellists two months a go, some areas in the Country experienced irregularities, where parliamentary aspirants hijacked the process by hand picking panellists whose names they submitted to Narc Kenya elections board. As a contender from Bobasi constituency, we experienced the a situation where a parliamentary aspirant, still serving in the civil service submitted his own list to Narc Kenya elections board without the knowledge of other aspirants; a travesty to democracy and fair play. Our appeal to Narc Kenya elections board to nullify the process in Bobasi has not been effectively address by the party. My final appeal to the party is to focus on popularising the party to all parts of the country instead of focusing in one region. In the past, we have seen Narc Kenya rallies held only in Central and some parts of coast province when the party has not been even officially launched in areas like Rift Valley and Nyanza Province. It doesn’t add up to hold rallies in Central province when the party has a solid support there. We expect to see the party’s presence in all corners of the country to reflect its national appeal in readiness to December general elections.
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