Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wetangula is Wrong on the Envoys

It’s absurd that our leaders are fond of wasting time to pursue and criticise even the realities. The terse criticism to foreign diplomats in Kenya by honourable Wetangula didn’t make any sense. Its notable that early this year, when our country was on the verge of collapse, its foreigners who came to our rescue; mediating to get us out of the impasse. Honourable Wetangula and others did nothing; only protecting the status quo. No solution was arrived at domestically. That is why I think the foreign envoys whose countries played a pivotal role to put Kenya back to the track have a legitimate right to comment about the electoral commission whose lacklustre performance in managing the elections culminated to the violence we experienced. Its note worthy that the recent finding on the conduct of the ECK were shepherded by a foreigner but not a Kenyan. Therefore, Many Kenyans cannot dignify honourable Wetangula’s criticism to the envoys and are in unison to see an exit for Kivuitu and his team from ECK sooner than later. Kenyans wants our leaders to exhibit a loving and united front that can piece together our torn country as a result of the tragedies of early this year, not empty rhetoric and criticising the obvious.
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