Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wrong to undermine Prime Minister Raila Odinga on the Waki report and Mau forest

Good leadership entails taking a stand on an issue irrespective of how unpopular it will be to a section of society so long as it’s intended to safeguard the interests of the governed. Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s leadership style has not gone well with leaders from the Rift Valley where he got majority of votes in year’s general election. His stand to relocate current inhabitants of the Mau Forest in order to protect the water catchments area as well as his stand to have to Waki report implemented has created political ripples in the Rift Valley province. Many leaders including his right hand man; honourable William Ruto appears agitated and has threatened for an exodus of ODM MPs from the party. What makes us wonder is when they voted for Raila, did they expect him to serve Kenyans with partiality or impartiality? Raila is a Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya not for a single community. Elected leaders should give him a break to serve the Country so that Kenyans can judge for themselves. The MPs critical to the Prime Minister must remember that the issue of Waki report is no longer a political matter; but a legal issue that must undergo the due process. We should not expect too much after electing our leaders. Kenya is too big and it’s elusive to please everybody. Jesus came to the world to salvage mankind but he ended being hated killed like a criminal. Kenyan voters and political leaders who supported Raila’s presidential quest last year must scale down their expectations. In political leadership, there is policy and politics. Raila cannot stoop too low compromise his leadership principles in order to appease a section of the Kenyan population. Galvanising MPs in an ethnic enclave to demonise a man whose song they sung eleven months ago reflects political immaturity and clear incitement. Political cronyism, Kanu’s old political mentality is not welcome in modern Kenya . We are left wondering if the current noise we are hearing from ODM on the Waki report and Mau Forest saga is should make leaders to sacrifice the prime Minister. Some of the leaders shouting loudest against the prime Minister like Joshua Kutuny and his Budalangi counterpart, Ababu Namwamba are political amateurs whining because they were not appointed to the cabinet. It’s absurd that even a nominated MP who was rejected by voters during the ODM nomination Mr. Musa Sirma, who is supposed to be thankful to Raila and the ODM fraternity, is at the frontline dismissing the Prime Minister. It’s tragic to reject the Waki report that is intended to put Kenya on a better footing in terms of justice. Political leaders should calm down instead of laying themselves bare. After all, the report is not intended to victimize members of one community since it touches all sides of the political hail- both in ODM and PNU. What those crying foul should know is that the both Prime Minister or the President do not have a moral authority to protect purported perpetrators of the violence. In the spiritual philosophy, it’s good to be accused falsely and suffer falsely but worse to be accused rightfully and suffer rightfully. Do your work Mr. Prime Minister. Kenyans are keenly watching the political drama in ODM and they can separate the grain from the chuff.
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