Friday, April 9, 2010

MPs rejecting the draft are sympathizers of the status quo

Joseph Lister Nyaringo
New Jersey USA
It's cynical for a section of MPs to threaten mobilizing Kenyans to reject the draft constitution as if they were on vacation when the draft was passed in Parliament. Most of those making these threats have a history that does not endear them to speak for the Kenyan people.
They served a regime that brought our country into its knees and therefore Kenyans cannot trust them because they don’t care about their interests.
Both Cyrus Jirongo and Willliam Ruto of the YK 92 fame and former President Moi’s protégés want to protect their ill-gotten wealth by rejecting the constitutional draft whose provisions may compel them to disclose the sources of their wealth. These two legislatures don’t care about the country.
Therefore, the MPs who are following the two blindly must be cautious sinces they may end up denting their political resume forever. I challenge level headed MPs in the Ruto bandwagon like: Amason Kingi, Mutava Musyimi and Eugene Wamwalwa to move with caution since most of those threatening to mobilize Kenyans to reject the draft constitution have never stood for change in the Country.
If we strive to accommodate the interest of every group, we shall end up with an amorphous document which does not reflect the wishes of the Kenyan people. That said, legislatures who are against the draft constitution must be ignored completely.
I may have a soft spot for honourable Mutava Musyimi of Gachoka whose struggle for a new constitution is vividly in the memory of many Kenyans but when he stoops too low to be in league with political amateurs like Joshua Kutuny and Simeon Mbugua, it leaves a lot to be desired.
Those following honourables William Ruto and Cyrus Jirongo, to reject the draft constitution must remember that the two are Moi’s old political cronies whom he is using as proxies while in retirement to shape public opinion and protect his corrupt past.
Why is the eloquent Member of Parliament for Eldoret East always want to create controversy even on matters of common sense? Ruto is not showing leadership and will never be one. Those banking on him should think twice.
On the other hand, I wonder why John Michuki, a respected elder in Kenya’s politics is against the clause that allows a mother to procure an abortion on health grounds. If he truly respects human life, he would have questioned the rationale used by the police who killed youths suspected to be Mungiki adherents in central Province.
Finally, I urge our people to keep a watchful eye on politicians who want to take Kenyans back to Egypt. We have already closed the Jordan River and are swiftly heading to the Promised Land.
We must all contend that the draft constitution is not free from imperfections but the remedies must be worked out when it’s passed. Laws are not carved on stones. They can be amended, replicated, or augmented to suit prevailing circumstances. For now, the draft constitution at hand will serve our Country well than the present one.
It’s elusive to have a constitution that pleases every one. For now, we should all be united in one accord to vote for the draft during the referendum. This is the only yardstick that will shape the style of governance and positive destiny for our Country.
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