Thursday, April 8, 2010

President Obama’s critics have gone too far

It’s all in America where you hate the government and still have the right to express yourself freely without coercion or intimidation. Only in America, you will find a popularly elected President called a dictator as if he is in league with the Iranian despot, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
Those who are calling President Obama a dictator merely because of a legislation passed into law, dont know the true meaning of a dictatorship. They need to learn about what goes on in Zimbabwe and Iran before calling President Obama’s administration a dictatorial regime. Regimes world over, are repressive and employs brutality to destroy dissent from opponents and regular citizens.
Having said that, the role of any political opposition is to play a watchdog role; putting the government in power on it toes fairly without malice, prejudice and personalization. This watchdog role must stick on policies and issues that benefit the people.
The stiff opposition on the Obama administration currently exhibited by the Republican Party in collaboration with the Tea Party movement has turned slanderous and mudslinging. This is a deviation from real issues that affect the American people like job creation and economic revival. That is why a big percentage of Americans see this animosity as a ploy whose agenda is to dent Obama’s Presidency.
Before President Obama took over, he acknowledged the fact that fixing America’s present problems, especially the economic downtrend and unemployment was not going to be done overnight. This was a positive gesture to prepare the citizens psychologically instead of giving them false hope.
The President’s critics should understand that leading a Country of more than 300 million people is a hard task and even if John McCain would have become President, it would have taken him time to turn things a round for the American people. After all, Obama has been in the White House for less than two years.
The attacks on the President over big government and its impact on the US economy by the Republican Party do not hold water because there is no prove on this. President Bush senior and a believer in small government was hounded out of office due to poor fiscal policies. He left a trickle down economic mess in the exchequer that President Clinton, a democrat resuscitated to a robust surplus.
Therefore, critics from the Republican Party attacking Obama’s fiscal policies should tell the American people what happened to the huge surplus Clinton left in the national coffers, as well as the state of the Country’s economy when President Obama took over from Bush junior before their totally unwarranted attacks.
I personally agree with real Estate mogul, Mr. Donald Trump who commented one time in CNN of how good the USA economy is when the democrats are in power.
The President’s avid efforts to see the passage of the Health Care bill that will help millions of uninsured Americans to access healthcare should not be politicised. His opponents should wait and see the impact of the bill after its implemented. After all, Obama will not support a legislation that will not benefit the American as it will ruin his political legacy.
Those members of the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement who are persistently discrediting the president seem to have a sinister motive. After all, where were they when George Bush invaded Iraq by falsely claiming there was weapons of mass destruction which has claimed many American lives as well as billions of USA dollars to rebuild the Arab Country?
The American people expressed their universal suffrage to elect Obama because his message resonated well with their predicaments. If he performs below expectations, they will exercise the same right to vote him out in 2012. It’s therefore imperative that the freedom that is enjoyed in America today should be exercised with civility, and respect.
His opponents should challenge him on policy matters fairly without mudslinging, propaganda and extremism. By saying they want their country and government back in rallies as if America is on the hands of some colonial power or an a despotic President is an insult not only to those who voted for President Obama but it robs the American people a lot of respect abroad. It reflects negatively on the Alaska Governor, the defacto leader of the Tea Party movement especially when supporters in her rallies are seen waving placards that read, “Obama go back to Kenya.”
The President was born and bred in America where he contested for the Presidency and won. He is trying to resuscitate the economy, create jobs mend bridges between America and her allies as well as fighting terror. He is not a dictator, fascist, anti-Christ or terrorist the way he has been painted in Tea party rallies. He is managing the affairs of government within the confines of the American constitution just like other previous presidents before him.
When leaders irrespective of their political affiliations stoops too low to dent the image of this respected Country just because they don’t like the man who sits in the Oval office, is not only racist but shameful. It’s so tragic that a sane American will spit on an elected representative calling him the “N” word just for a political opinion in the 21st Century. This sets a very grim image to a Country seen globally as a model for democracy, justice and freedom.
Joseph Lister Nyaringo
New Jersey USA
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