Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Koigi Wamwere should be consistent with reforms

By Joseph Lister Nyaringo, NJ USA

The former MP for Subukia’s political credentials especially on the struggle for freedom and good governance in the country has been exemplary. That is why; I cringe with disgust when I see him sharing the same platform with his former oppressors who want to deny Kenyans a new constitution.

He must understand that the bigger percentage of those against the proposed constitution are not doing so because of patriotism but due to some clauses that are likely to disrupt their comfort zones but very beneficial to the Kenyan majority.

Koigi should reconsider his stand and support the proposed law; failure to which, his political resume will be dented forever. If he continues his negative campaign on the proposed law, he will never be remembered to have been in league with freedom heroes like: the late Jaramogi Odinga, Mukaru Nganga and George Anyona.

He needs to emulate the consistency of former Butere MP Martin Shikuku and Dr. Timothy Njoya who have continued to fight relentlessly for reforms in the Country especially on the attainment of a new constitution.

Having suffered detention without trial and being exiled, many Kenyans expected Koigi to be the last person to dine and wine with non reformers like Cyrus Jirongo, William Ruto and former President Moi especially on matters related to chatting the way forward for Kenya’s future.

I also call upon Dr. Wanyiri Kihoro and Rev. Mutave Musimi to reconsider their stand and join the league that wants to give Kenyans a new constitution. Like Koigi, the two suffered immensely during the Kanu regime as a result of their stand against dictatorship.
They need to remember that the good of today often overshadows the good of yesterday. Therefore, even though one has done good things in the past for the country; their future legacy is often tethered on the stand they take especially now that the Country is gearing to usher in a new constitution that will define the future governance systems and processes.
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