Tuesday, February 15, 2011

KGU Press Statement February 2011

Following successful Mediation held on February 8th, 2011, between the KGU Interim Committee members and in accordance with the agreed resolutions arrived at therein; the Kenya Global Unity (KGU) elections previously slated for February 25th, 2011 hereby postponed to May 21st, 2011 when KGU AGM shall be held. Details of this important event will be communicated to you soon.

All paid up members are advised to go ahead and declare their interest for office. Potential members are encouraged to register in order to exercise their right to vote and vie for positions in the KGU leadership.

I want to appreciate the following patriots who worked tirelessly to ensure that differences in KGU leadership were resolved amicably: Mr. Patrick Odoyo with his co-chair Mr. Andrew Kerosi, committee members: Wanjiku Marjorie, Omondi Owera, Peter Gachuiri, Jimmy Onkangi, and Abdul Kiptanui.
The KGU interim committee regards the marvelous job that paved the way for reconciliation, unity and confidence between the interim leaders to work together for the benefit of the Kenyan people through KGU. The team reflected strong leadership spirit, patriotism and selflessness.
During the mediation process, both sides agreed on the following resolutions:
1) KGU elections to be held in May 21st 2011 rather than February 21st 2011 as earlier announced by Lister Nyaringo.
2) The suspension of Lister Nyaringo as interim secretary general and Newton Kinity as director to the board were all lifted.
3) All KGU members’ meeting will be held on February 19, 2011.
4) A lawsuit that was earlier on pursued by KGU management committee was dropped.
5) The management Committee will have access to KGU document to do all the work they need.
6) The mediation committee also recommended to the KGU interim leadership to work as a team.

We all look forward to work harmoniously in building KGU and make it as a vehicle for our unity abroad. Brothers and sisters I want to end with this Verse: 2nd Corinthians 5:18-19. Be blessed.
Joseph Lister Nyaringo,
Interim Secretary General
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