Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A message to the people of Kenya

By Job Ombati
New England USA
Ladies and Gentlemen.

While I want to thank so many of you for your wise and brave suggestions on Kenya's future, I want to say one thing though. First, I love Kenya as much as you all do. I was born and raised in Kenya, and when I die, I will be buried in Kenya. However, before that time come, I want to say my mind and say it clearly.

First, many Kenyans are tired of Politics. If you are not, then I am. Every time we elect leaders, we always have a tendency to think that they will govern with justice and take our country to a higher level. Many of us have spent time, money and even lost some members of our families in the name of better governance. In 2007,many Kenyans died because they wanted a better country. What did we get in return? You all know.

Secondly, we have been able to listen to voice of reason by tolerating the government leaders we have though we don’t approve many of them. Now, what pains me my dear countrymen is when I see these leaders behaving as criminals and as cowards. We have given these leaders time to govern and heal our country, but when Uhuru speaks as he did this week, it makes me cry. Is this what leadership is all about? Why should Uhuru speak as a little kid who as no sense? I am totally disappointed and at the same time, I am lost.
Someone should tell Uhuru to learn to disagree without calling people names. The way he acted in front of the whole country is childish and he must learn how to disagree without that kind of behavior.

Lastly, I am asking all of you good and learned friends to stand up for our country and not our tribes. Yes, we are all from different tribes, but our house and home is Kenya. So, we must think as such. Stop this simple and silly business of supporting anyone and everyone because he or she comes from your village. This is nonsense. Support serious, capable and brave people to help heal our country. Stand for Kenya and not for Individuals. Individuals come and go but our country remains for ever. Think big my fellow citizens and think of Kenya as one country. Be a statesman and a leader. Be a true patriot and be a genuine Kenyan. Everyone of you should help build the country and not tear it down.
I am tired and disappointed but will not lose hope. I will stand for Kenya. So help me God.
Job Ombati
The author of Kenya The Beloved.
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