Tuesday, March 1, 2011


By Robert Nyambane
Currently and in recent weeks we have witnessed unusual political changes taking place in the Arab world, notably in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The Political violence in these 3 North African Nations, is spreading out rapidly like wild fire across the Northern region of Africa whereby the long time dictators have been thrown out of power by force.

In January this year, the former Tunisian leader, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was ousted. The Tunisia event acted as a hot catalyst that triggered fast political upheavals in Egypt, Libya and other Arab countries like Yemen.

Last month ( February 2011 )The former Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak was forced to leave office prematurely by mass anti Government protesters. Mubarak has been President of Egypt for 30 years consecutively. He succeeded Anwar Sadat who was assassinated in 1981.

The next one to go is Libyan dictator, Moammar Gadhafi who has ruled that country with an iron fist for the past 40 years. For Gadhafi, we are just counting days if not hours before we would hear that he has been toppled. People are anxiously awaiting his fall with wide open eyes and sharp ears – watching and listening to TV and radio news day and night just to hear the announcement of a coup in Libya any time. Stay awake and keep your eyes & ears open throughout.

In Tunisia and Egypt the former leaders were thrown out of power as a result of political unrests / civil disobedience or public protests by unarmed civilians. But in Libya it is armed rebels who are fiercely fighting the Gadhafi regime from the Eastern part of the country. Benghazi, the 2nd largest city in Libya is in their hands.

There is great assurance of that dictator being ousted as some of his army units, Police Officers and other personalities royal to him have deserted him and opted to join dissidents in the fight against Gadahafi and his henchmen . In fact, the rebels have already gained control of Eastern Libya and are now advancing towards Tripoli, the capital city. They have vowed to continue fighting to the end.


There are 2 common factors to be noted in these 3 African leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya; The 1st one is that they were all dictators. The 2nd one is that they have ruled for decades, treating people like their personal property.

The hot political upheavals in these 3 North African Nations is an indication that the Africans have woke up and seen sense in their democratic rights – getting a leader of their choice through general periodic elections. Again, they have realized the disadvantages of being ruled by one leader for a long time. The most significant achievement to those political protests is an end to corrupt regimes.

Similar political changes need to erupt and spread out to the rest of Africa like; East, West, Central and finally land in Southern regions where dictatorship type of rule still exists. Let the 3 countries in the North serve as a warning and an example to others in the rest of Africa.

In Eastern Africa, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Omar Basir of North Sudan deserve to resign from power peacefully. Museven came to power in August 1986, and Basir has ruled Sudan for over 30 years. They are soon leaving.

Going to Central Africa, you find another veteran dictator by the name Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who has been in power since that country became independent in April 1980. It is time that Mugabe should resign and go home.

During the last summit of the African Union, its members states held a convention in which they unanimously agreed and passed a political resolution that no African Nation will be ruled by the same leader for more than ten years in a row.

It is not only Basir, Mugabe and Museveni who should step down, but there are also many others like these three who must quit before fire catches them. In our next edition, we shall release the long list of Presidents in Africa who have occupied office for over 10 years which is against AU’s (former O A U) convention as clearly stipulated in the immediate paragraph above.

From the recent and ongoing violent political events in North Africa, we have seen the evils and dangers that looms when one same leader overstays in power. Even


in the church we should not have one Pastor preaching in the same church for over 10 years. It becomes dangerous if one Priest is allowed to stay at one Parish for a considerably long period, say 10 years plus. The same case applies to schools where if one Principal heads one same school for too long things will get spoiled and eventually the good reputation she / he had built begins to rot and be useless

Change of leadership is inevitable everywhere – in learning and religious institutions plus social and business organizations.

The current situation in North Africa has been described in similar ways by different commentators : -

> Some say it is war against dictatorship reign in Africa

> others state that it is a period of re-awakening in Africa

> It is to teach the African dictators a life time lesson

> It is the end of corrupt leaders in Africa

> It is the beginning of an end to - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - what ?

All in all, the latest revolutionary movements in that North part of Africa, marks the beginning of an end to authoritarian rule in the entire Africa Continent. This will give Africa a new clean face + shape on the world map.

The ongoing uprisings in Libya broke out in mid February this year of 2011. To be exact it was on 15 – 02 – 2011 when the rebels wedged a serious war against dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Soldiers royal to Gadhafi are resisting the rebels who want to gain entry into the capital Tripoli where the long time dictator is hiding.

Colonel Gadhafi as he calls himself, has defied orders and requests from other world leaders who have been urging him to step down. Soon or later the rebels will penetrate into Tripoli and flush him out by force. This might happen overnight and be the headlines of major Newspapers around the world at large. Civil War !
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