Friday, March 11, 2011

Raila stand out above the rest

Raila stand out above the rest
By Andrew Kerosi
Minnesota USA

This journey of Kenya's constitutional freedom, was started by the late Mzee, Jalamogi Oginga Odinga in the late sixties. In his wisdom he new what he wanted for Kenya and at the same time, he new it was going to be a long, challenging and risky journey. Notwithstanding, the oldman, again in his wisdom, behind the scenes, prepared his son, Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga. This was an extraordinarily preparation which instilled political values into Raila's life.

A father trained individual, Raila is and he understands the art of fair play. He is different from all the leaders we have in Kenya right now, simply, he has been consistent and long serving activist for the freedoms of Kenyans. That does not mean that others are not as good, but his track record is unmatched and unchallenged.

Raila's father foughht two battles of freedoms. The first one was Kenya's freedom from the colonialists' rule and the second one, is the multparty democracy which he started in the late sixties and was achieved in 1991/1992. Remarkable indeed!!! Mzee Odinga, knew the fight was not over yet and positioned his son, Raila to continue with the fight for political space and other freedoms in Kenya.

This is what we have achieved recently, through the promulgation of the new constitution. Power has been given to the people and the imperial Presidency dismantled. This is a fulfillment of Mzee Oginga Odinga's dream come true. He left behind a reliable steward and it is this steward by the name of Raila Odinga who will be trusted with our new constitution. Why?

Raila understands where we have come from and the type of legacy his family, will leave behind. Let us not dim the light that has illuminated and we have been able to see the dark corners of our nation. These dark corners have been hiding places for the lords of impunity and a possible regrouping of the lords of impunity into this corners is envisaged, if we have a weak Presidency at this early stage.

We recognize, Raila's efforts to stand out as a statesman in protecting our new constitution.. His message to the people of Kenya to stand and be counted in protecting our constitution, is a clear indication that Raila would like fair play practiced in Kenya. He is simply the best canditate so far for Presidency.

Let us have this dream come true, successfully and fully realized by having a true custodian at the steering wheel. We want every Kenyan to respect and fear the law. A true fighter and stickler of the law IS Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga. The vision of his father.
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