Thursday, March 24, 2011


By Mr. Andrew Kerosi
Minneapolis Minnesota

The rotation of African Union Leadership is a big concern and a threat to those countries that are going through political changes and are ready to democratize their political systems as a greatest partner of progress. Yes, democracy is the greatest partner of progress, it entrenches political, social and economic order, which accords mankind a dignified lifestyle.

Now, to have an AU chairman on a rotational format, who is an oppressor and who does not believe in democracy, is obviously a bad ideological mix. Take for example this type of chairman receives reports from the citizens of a member country, accusing their Government of crime against humanity. How is he going to react? The answer is common sense.

What does this tell us? This tells us that, AU was set up for a purpose which has been outlived by its own existence and therefore, needs serious re-structuring or done away with altogether. It is not possible to have a dictator chairing an organization such as AU and expect the application of fair play to the citizens of member countries. AU is not for the well being of the citizens of the member countries, it is a relationship established to protect rogue African Governments. This is evidenced from the way AU has been protecting dictators, such as Robert Mugabe, Gadhafi, and others.

Recently, for example, AU has been fighting alongside with the Kenyan Government and the Ocampo six to defer ICC prosecutions. This is because the dictators have always kept on saying that Western countries with their democracies are out here to destroy Africa and yet these same Africans signed the Rome statute that gave birth to ICC. Unfortunately, this contention is never challenged by some African leaders.

They are always in unison even with those whose aspirations are to democratize their countries. It is a contradiction in terms and tells volumes on how we black people in Africa engage in things we don't fully believe in and results are often not to the standard. Democracy is being stifled left, right, center even in those countries trying to democratize. If some of us believe in democracy, it is important that we cherish and protect it. Look at the recent threat by AU that they want to pull out of ICC. Just because AU support the ICC deferral of the Kenyan Ocampo six cases and the rest of the world is not supportive of that.

In Africa, it would appear, corruption, impunity and all types of injustices are not perceived as threat to humanity, but as avenues the powerful individuals access happiness through doubtful wealth accumulation, at the expense and suffering of the weak. Even inflicting pain to the disadvantaged, the powerful, derive happiness. This happiness is a derivative of evil and is of an unrefined mind. Primitive in its nature and is against civilization.

It is a high time we developed a refined mind, a mind that sees meaning and value in every life, soul and above all, the value of all creation. Kenya is finding its way out of this dark corner, resistance is high but challengeable. Persistence and with an educated population, the lords of impunity will have no place in Kenya.

They will look for friends, north, south, east and west and find none. A new generation of hardworking citizens, innovative and creative are emerging. The Swaggering individuals who have stolen from the public and turned politicians are soon disappearing and the nation will be healed. We are yet to have noble men and women.

Role models and not the contaminated lot. God help Kenya.
The AU has failed and since it was established as a club to protect rogue leaders, it is prudent enough to say that Africa does not need AU, it needs a business club with a strong secretariat to spearhead Africa's business agenda. Some African countries at the moment do not have the political will to champion democracy as a partner of progress and I strongly recommend a hold, on any efforts to resolve Africa's political issues in a collective or in an organized grouping, such as AU.

We have failed miserably!!!. Almost all African leaders have oppressive tendencies and political grouping will only mean to be a protective device for dictators and yet the oppressed, who are tax payers, continue to pay heavily to support an organization which is without political values and is perpetuating impunity which hurts them.
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