Tuesday, April 5, 2011


By Job M.Ombati
Author, Kenya the Beloved- New England USA

My dear countrymen,Ladies and Gentlemen.
With due respect to everyone of you,I want to state my sincere opinion regarding the Ocampo six and Kenya in General.It is my believe that every thinking Kenyan,agrees that peace and unity of our country is paramount.It does not matter what tribe or region one was born in.It is not about education,wealth or poverty,it is about us, Kenyans living free,united and able to carry on our daily activities freely and peacefuly.From this perspective, I would like to say the following:

One, Kenya is a country among many in the world and therefore,a signatory to the 'peace' treaty and order in managing her own affairs and safeguarding the safety of her people.
Two,for those who migth have forgotten,this is 21 century.This means,no one is above the law of humanity.No one can kill people and go free.This means, everyone is being watched by God and the international community.

Third,I love Kenya as much as Uhuru, Kibaki, Ruto,Raila or you.I love her so much that I am willing to see a few of my countrymen get 'disciplined' for the sake of our peace and prosperity.Kenya is bigger than both of us.It is definately bigger than Uhuru, or Ruto or the six combined.We must therefore watch that we do not sacrifice the good name of our country and people just for the sake of a few individuals.

Lastly, I believe in justice and the rule of law.The six Kenyans who have gone to the Hague are not criminals but suspects.Let then go,face the law and if found guilty,let them be punished.This will set a precedent that no one is above the law and no one will go unpunished after they have committed crimes against humanity.Those who were thinking of commiting the same crime of abusing and mistreating others,be warned.
So my dear countrymen,going to the Hague is apainful thing for the individuals and their families,but in the long term,it is a good move.This is going to be a good thing not only for Kenya but for the rest of Africa.

For those who have been on Kalonzo's band,let us try to reason alittle bigger and see a bigger picture.Think about our country and not individuals.Think about the country you want your children and grandchildren to inherit.Think like a mature Kenyan and stop this simple political tactics of name calling,insults and tribal alliances.We are all Kenyans.Please Kenyans, think big and wider.Think like a Kenyan.May God bless our country.
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