Friday, September 2, 2011


Debating issues without getting angry is a clear demonstration that are all objective in our thinking desire to see a good country with a top- down leadership that is people driven. The joy of a new constitution, the joy of having democratic space where wananchi exercise both freedom of movement and expression is not enough if our people are dying hungry. If our children are not going to school, if ethnic disharmony reigns supreme, if corruption is the order of the day in every segment of our society. If our elected legislators don’t want to pay taxes that make the country move.

According to me and I have said this in several forums; having a new constitution was merely changing the bureaucracy- but this change requires men and women of values as elected representatives. From top down, the new Katiba requires a value driven CEO, Senators, Governors, MPs, County representatives and Mayors. Without a value driven leadership, change in Kenya will be elusive.

When we talk about change, we talk about leaders who understand the plight of the masses. Those stricken by poverty and are living from hand to mouth. The landless suffering as a result of historical injustices or were displaced from their homes in the PEV of 2007/2008 and can’t afford even a graveyard. Those in Turkana and Mandela currently eating herbs like antelopes.

Quite often, in rural Kenya, a young girl is raped; a poor farmer his hit with a machete and robbed at night yet the culprits perambulates lackadaisically in the villages while the victims suffer the agony with no justice pursued. I hope the current Chief Justice who has started on a good footing will check this.
The challenges are many- innocent farmers in Nyamache,-my hometown or Nyacheki who deliver their tea leaves at a buying centre are robbed off their kilos by a corrupt tea clerk who puts the kilos to the next farmer willing to offer a small bribe of Kshs 50 or less.

Imagine corruption in the villages! What must be happening at the top would be gigantic! Remember this is where we have entrusted men and women to manage billions of our taxes.magine, our exchequer has been looted since independence and the culprits walks freely among us when majority of Kenyans are living under a dollar a day. These are the same people who come with the loot during the electioneering period to entice Kenyans with gifts in order to win their votes.

The President, Governor, MP or senator who will take over the Country during the next elections under the new constitution will determine whether we shall float and swim as a nation or sink and drown. That is why we need to be extremely privy with the many theatrics and lies being said out there.
The hurrah and jubilation that accompanied the passage of the new constitution will carry more meaning when Kenyans shall elect leaders who are selfless and ready to do the job for the Country and do it right.

We must be careful not to repeat past mistakes and betrayals from the current leaders. Those who will come the way Kibaki did in 2003, where he vowed to defend and protect the constitution and promised the country a new one after 100 days MUST be ignored. Those whose intention is to perpetuate political cronyism, corruption, betrayal and tribalism the way Kenyatta did and handed it to Moi, which was purely perfected by Kibaki MUST be put in the back banner.

WORD OF CAUTION: If we recycle the current MPs back to parliament whom you have seen the pain they are capable of inflicting to Kenyans, we will be sending our country to the dogs. If we elect a Kibaki, Moi or Kenyatta replica to Statehouse, it will be the most tragic thing for the nation of Kenya. Let us analyse all of them as they come and make informed choices before Election Day.
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