Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We need to keep our hopes high for good things to come but the trend we are currently experiencing in our motherland sets a negative precedent in terms of how far we have come as a nation, where we are standing and where we will be in future.

It’s tragic that political leadership is the cornerstone of all our endeavours as a nation and will define the future of Kenya in the global stage. You cannot divorce politics from the factors of production-land labour capital and entrepreneurship/ management; hence, those who occupy political positions are the very people who will define whether we will float to swim as a nation or sink to drown.

Elections are coming soon and with the current constitution, we have great structures for power and devolution of resources to spur social economic development but the most worrying thing is the level of disharmony, ethnic balkanization, hate and lack of a clear stand on the plight of our nation from those aspiring for the Country’s top leadership position.

We are seeing good speeches reminiscent of Barrack Obamas, lobbying to acquire power, building of alliances, and showing of political might but, do they care about the Kenyan majority? These days, they don’t even mention the IDPs but rather illegal groups like the Mombasa Republican Council which is advocating for secession to win their votes. Hogwash!

It’s rare to hear or see our current or aspiring leaders talk about rampant unemployment and poverty, the starving, corrupt practices, negative ethnicity, increased road carnage and even insecurity. It’s all about capturing power to enrich friends, relatives and tribesmen.

Why do we forget too fast when a youthful MP and currently a Minister said that he wants to be President so that his tribe will have a feel of sleeping in Statehouse? According to me, this wasn’t satire but the actual thinking of the legislator….. No wonder the Bible reminds us that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks

The only cure for Kenya, is for the voters to look beyond the glamour, the money, the lies, the sweet-talking, the false enticements coming from the men and women whose only motive is to acquire power in order to protect their ill-gotten wealth, perpetuate impunity, and continue enriching themselves with cronies. They don’t care about the hurting nation. I don’t want to dismiss everybody aspiring to represent Kenyans in any leadership level but we must be careful lest we send our nation to the dogs.
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