Sunday, June 3, 2012

The ICC Trials may not help to reconcile Kenya

By Joseph Lister Nyaringo
North America
We are talking about the ICC today because we love justice and we all want to see it applied to all Kenyans across the board and this includes post election violence victims.

Secondly, the passivity of the grand coalition government led by Kibaki and Raila, is to blame for giving room to the ICC. The two principals failed to lobby and rally their legislators in Parliament to support a local mechanism to try the suspects.

Its true people like Ruto preferred The Hague because they didn’t know it will turn out to be the way it is today but if Raila and Kibaki, were serious on the establishment of a local trial, we won’t be talking about The Hague today. They failed the true test of leadership and the unity of purpose on a very critical matter.

My suggestion over the ICC, which is slowly polarizing our nation and creating anxiety which may jeopardize peace, is not to postpone the trials for the sake of the coming elections, but for our sovereign government; serving a sovereign Country to pursue what is good for the future of Kenya.

The government has powers to suggest, or recommend to the ICC, a workable legal avenue which will ensure the stability of our country. We don’t want Kenya to sink into anarchy like we saw in 07/08. WE ALL CRAVE FOR PEACE & HARMONY.

Remember, the curtains have already fallen on a Rwanda Minister Nzabonimana through The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda for his role in the 1994 genocide, and Charles Taylor by the ICC for abetting crimes in Sierra Leone. These have sent shockwaves in Ruto and Uhuru’s backyards. Their tribesmen can do anything….. This is a reality.

Why shouldn’t we fore-go The Hague trials, forge for forgiveness and reconciliation for purposes of healing? It’s true, the nation of Kenya is seated on a precipice and this requires urgent contingent measures!

I know this is a bitter pill to swallow but the future of our nation is sacrosanct than international law….. We cannot sacrifice the hyena twice. We experienced enough pain, horror and suffering and what we desperately need is reconciliation to forge a head. This is my opinion.
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