Friday, August 24, 2012

Miguna Miguna needs to respect his audience

Miguna Miguna needs to respect his audience
I think it's good that Miguna is provided with security. The guy is actually a nuisance even to his audience who can turn amok and hurt him. I watched in disbelief a radio interview he held with Eric Latif of Capital FM, where the author bragged and went as far as saying he was smarter than the journalist.
Thank God, Latif appeared calm, polite and professionally savvy even when Miguna remained on the defensive; often ducking tough questions. Was this not an insult to to Eric Latif and members of the 4th Estate, when an interviewee calls a journalist dumb,; the opposite of the word smart?
How can you respect or entertain an idea coming from a person who belittles everybody he comes across? Is Miguna smarter than all 40 million Kenyans?
Miguna Miguna his sparing no one.; not even curious citizens. He has dismissed the CJ, DPP, the PM and virtually all MPs from his Luo community. He needs to sober up and treat people with respect if he needs their audience.
The altercation between Miguna and his audience in Nakuru this week is a clear indication that all will not be rosy for Miguna as he embarks in a tour to promote his book in the Country.
Has he used his smartness to advance any creative ideas to help Kenya apart from writing a book after falling out with his former boss and a short stint in detention during the Nyayo days?
Good people, we have seen heroes and heroins in our Country. Just yesterday, we lost the former MP for Butere, Joseph Martin Shikuku; a gallant son of Kenya who stood for the dignity of all irrespective of their status in life.
The former MP was detained because of fighting for the common people in our country but he never went round bragging and mocking Kenyan citizens and calling them idiots the way Miguna his doing.
The people's watchman carried himself with dignity. He touched many ordinary hearts and led an ordinary life; mingling with all; loving all while envisioning humility and humbleness.
The late Shikuku had every right to call us idiots because of his struggle but he never did. He answered all questions with respect.
Miguna may be driving a point but his approach will end up scaring even his admirers. In fact, he will scare even journalists who have put his name in the national radar. He doesn’t know the same journalists are digging deeper to understand him and know the original intent of what he is doing.
For me, I don't see what he is up to. If he cared about corruption, let him not approach it from one side of the aisle but go to the bottom of it.
We can trust him if he start posing questions to the ruling elite about mega corruption scandals like: Goldenberg, Anglo- Leasing, Triton Oil, Volkswagen cars deal, Grand Regency sale, Safaricom IPO, land grabbing and the sealed Ndungu Land Report, the pyramid scheme, stashed cash in foreign accounts, the weapons deal to South Sudan, and above all, the mutilation of the constitution by the current ruling elite.
If it’s about soiling the names of political leaders for self gain and cheap publicity, Kenyans have a right to ask him tough questions and if he can’t answer, they will run.
Joseph Lister Nyaringo

New Jersey USA
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