Monday, November 12, 2012


Published on 10/28/12 8:54 PM As a community, we need to identify the party camp which likely to form the next government and will be friendly and accommodative to the aspirations of Omogusii. We need to use a microscope to define the really intentions of the leaders who want to acquire power and will only embrace those who are likely to help shape a better future for Kenya. We must avoid at all times leaders who want to acquire power for revenge, perpetuate graft, ethnic interests, and protecting ill- gotten wealth. We must also say no to those who want to acquire power for purposes of retaining the status quo and promotion of impunity. We need to gauge the two parties ODM and TNA, which have made inroads for prominence in Gusiiland on these premises: consistency on the reform agenda, standing for the common people of Kenya in the pursuit of justice, fair play, equality and equity, respect for the rule of law, upholding constitutional provisions, fighting graft and other vices. We have seen what Kibaki is capable of doing for Gusii and Kenya for the last 10 years, and having voted for him several times as a community, I think this is the best yardstick to measure the viability of Uhuru Kenyatta’s candidature and how his Presidency is likely to affect the Abagusii community if he wins the March 2013 elections. For Raila Odinga and his ODM Party, my respect for the PM is centred on these premises: his reform credentials, firmness to protect and defend our constitution and his consistency in standing with the people of Kenya during good and bad times especially his bravery to fight for truth and justice, democracy and the freedom we currently enjoy in the country. The PM’s score card in Gusii for the last five years is rather ambiguous because of the circumstances of 2008 which diluted the agenda he had for Kenya. However, like Kibaki, he hasn’t been able to stand with Abagusii on any key government appointment given the fact that he is a key partner in the current coalition government. This is perhaps the major question he is likely to face from the electorates who expected him to advocate for the appointment of individuals from Gusii to key government positions since the ODM party was overwhelmingly voted for by the community and with majority of MPs.The Prime Minister also needs to spell out clearly the policies he will put in place to shape a new Kenya after Kibaki’s exit next year. For Mr. Kenyatta, he sounds as a friend of the Abagusii but the biggest challenge is his inability to do more for us since he has unfettered access to the man in power- President Kibaki. He hasn’t stood with us especially in addressing the plight of Abagusii IDPs, government appointments and more importantly, he hasn’t told the nation what he is likely to do differently from President Kibaki, whose controversial second term in office culminated to the killing of Abagusii in the Rift Valley. Uhuru should not take the Abagusii for granted. Our people are not for short-term material enticements through a select few but could appreciate if he focused on the policies and ideas that will lift Gusii and the Kenyan nation. Let us look at the two horses keenly and pick the right one.
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