Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to mobilize the Christian Constituency

By Reuben Kigame Fish FM First posted Monday, December 13, 2010 Brothers and sisters, When I look at how the Christian community approaches transitional moments such as this one, I begin to shiever within. The tendency is to watch how the world does its politics and then try to take sides within that worldly approach. We know the current government is virtually dead. We know that 2012 is here. Elections may well be called before then.On the one hand I hear the cry that those standing must get out and declare that they are. On the other I hear, let us teach the populace first before we get leaders from them. Between these two positions is a large number of believers who simply watch and suspiciously wonder if it is ok for a Christian to be involved in politics. As all this is happening, the country is degenerating with an ever-increasing cry that somebody stands up and helps restore our nation. In this communication, I want to plead one more time: Please sign up your friends to this forum and link us to every existing Christian group that has a presence on the internet. Tell your facebook and twitter friends about signing up to saltkenya and lead them on it. What I would like to do is to start asking those aspiring to share with the larger team on this forum and have the forum members interrogate them. Kindly get to your email address book and send out an invitation for your Christian friends to join saltkenya and follow them up.By January, let us see if we cannot have the first aspiring presidential candidate address this forum. We hope to have as many of them as possible do so. If you know any professional who is aspiring for any county or national position, please bring them on the forum and let us interrogate as well as support them. Time has come for us to mobilize a Christian constituency. Will you take this cause forwards? How many have you introduced to the forum this far? May we be found worthy of having been part of bringing God's Kingdom here on earth, in this country in our generation. In the service of Christ, Reuben Kigame Coordinator Salt Kenya Family
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