Tuesday, May 21, 2013


By Joseph Lister Nyaringo-USA The laptop project for standard one kids by the Jubilee govt is a misplaced priority which has received a barrage of condemnations from majority of Kenyans at home and abroad. If the government cares about developing Kenya into a modern ICT nation, let them offer the gadgets to needy University students or construct modern ICT facilities in every constituency where locals can access information and training facilities for free. Why can’t the government under the Ministry of education first formulate a curriculum for computer training in every school in Kenya, as well as equipping existing teachers with computer skills? Many teachers in rural areas cannot even hold a computer mouse! Improving education performance or preparing Kenya as an ICT hub does not necessarily mean that we waste tax payers’ money on projects which will die before takeoff. The government should first build better class rooms, hire more teachers, re-train existing ones, feed starving kids especially in Northern Kenya, and provide free medical checkups and immunization drives in all Primary schools in the Country especially in rural areas. Even in the developed world, children are not necessarily provided with laptops. If I were President Uhuru Kenyatta, I will put aside the campaign promises which to me were mere gimmicks to win an election and embark on prioritizing governance issues. First of all, let them feed the children, provide them with clean water, better classrooms, and ensure that there is at least one Registered Nurse in schools which are prone to communicable diseases. You cannot divorce the health and nutrition of a child with better learning. I hope President Uhuru and his deputy will listen and work on priorities to help build a healthy, wealthy and informed nation.
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