Tuesday, July 30, 2013


SHARING IDEAS BY JOSEPH LISTER NYARINGO: CHALLENGES OF THE JUBILEE GOVERNMENT: ON DEVOLUTION AND RECONCILIATION! We whine about poor implementation of devolution when Kibaki vividly hinted that Kenya is a unitary State...


We whine about poor implementation of devolution when Kibaki vividly hinted that Kenya is a unitary State during his last days in office. He said it openly even after signing a new constitution which they now want to spend millions to erect a monument in his honour!

How can nepotism, looting, corruption, greed and selfishness be gotten rid of in Kenya when the top coalition leaders are masters of the vice?
How will the nation reconcile when a single community holds a greater stake in the Country’s factors of production- land, labour, capital and entrepreurship; pushing smaller communities to the periphery?

How will the nation reconcile when members from communities perceived to be anti- Jubilee are fired from employment and replaced with those from the President and his deputy’s’ communities?

How will Kenyans respect constitutional bodies founded through acts of Parliament but still operating with extreme partiality as if they were branches of government for instance the Isaak Hassan led IEBC and the Willy Mutunga led Supreme Court?

Is the above not a recipe for disharmony, mistrust and ethnic balkanization? Does this help to build a united nation once torn a sunder after the disputed Presidential election results of 2007 and 2013?

Where is transparency and accountability when journalists are gagged by a government calling itself digital team? It sounds fishy to prevent journalists from covering a petition where the President has sued a public corporation where citizens have bought shares- SAFARICOM. Is this not an affront to freedom of information?

Why is the government scared of a mundane matter like issue of mourners who heckled Sam Ongeri and Matiang’i during a Prayer service for accident victims in Gusii as if it was the first time to see a similar incident?

Did the President and his deputy expect the Abagusii people to carry twigs in jubilation singing Alleluia before Jubilee government functionaries?
World over, any government that want all citizens to sing its chorus is a pure dictatorship. We are seeing the Moi style of conducting State business creeping back into our country and Kenyans MUST be prepared resist it.

These are pregnant points we expected the government to address if they want majority of Kenyans to have confidence in what they do. Otherwise, the Jubilee leadership has started on a wrong footing.

First of all, we always respect the departed souls of those the Lord has called to their final home. Those who are using last week’s saga where mourners expressed displeasure by shouting down government officials to reflect Abagusii on bad light are ‘WRONG.’

No youths were given changaa or bribed to heckle government officials the way it has been purported by a section of the current government.
Was there a mistake for Kisiis to shout down government officials since they supported Kibaki several times but he forgot them when he ascended to power? How can they trust Uhuru Kenyatta, who is cut from the same clothe?

Kisiis were killed because of supporting Kibaki in 2007 but he didn’t even thank them or ensure that the IDPs from the community got monetary compensation or land the way the government did to those from Mt. Kenya region.

Is it prudent to remain silent whenever things are going wrong in our society? Secondly, how can we endure suffering when God has given us a great nation endowed with immense natural resources for all and not for a single community or a small click of the ruling elite?

Bravo the people of Gusii for the bravery. We need to take a stand always through siding with the oppressed. Neutrality is likely to spur the ego of the oppressor- Jubilee government, and never the victim; us- the common Mwananchi. Our Silence will encourage the tormentor- Uhuru’s government to use us and dump us the way Kibaki did.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


By Joseph Lister Nyaringo,
Atlanta, Georgia
The revelation by the government that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has refused to surrender 6 government vehicles has left many Kenyans in a state of quandary. Many are questioning why it’s coming after the burial incident in Gusii attended by Raila and where a government official was shouted down by Cord supporters.

Was Raila given conditions he should uphold to keep the vehicles by the Jubilee government which he has violated? Besides the burial in Gusii, Raila has experienced a series of humiliations from government officials especially when flying in and out of the Country in our national airports.

To my understanding, it’s not the first time that funerals have turned acrimonious especially when key speakers are politicians. Even when political speakers try to shun political talk, mourners often demand to be addressed especially when a leader they reverence is in attendance.

In fact, trying to stop a Kenyan politician from talking politics in a funeral or any non- political gathering is like telling a Priest attending a farmers’ meeting not to evoke the name of God.Judging from the March elections, Raila Odinga commands more support in the Kisii community than Uhuru Kenya and all the jubilations from attendees at the funeral were expected. Those who voted for him in March would do it again if elections were held today.

Thank God there was no violence during the showdown. It’s therefore illogical for the Jubilee government to cry foul that a former Cabinet Minister and current Cabinet Secretary were shouted down.

As a Kisii, I’m 100% sure that our people are civilized and would not shout down a seating President especially if President Uhuru Kenyatta was in attendance.
Early this year during the campaigns, former Cabinet Minister Simeon Nyachae; a respected elder in Gusii, was shouted down at the same venue by the masses while campaigning for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

I’m sure those who shouted Nyachae down didn’t do so out of disrespect. They differed with his support of the Uhuru candidature. After all, Kisiis respect Nyachae more than Ongeri, Uhuru, Raila and Matiang’i combined.
On the 6 government vehicles the former PM has, I think it’s high time the government carried a forensic inventory of all public properties on the hands of past and current office holders.

If the government spokesman has revealed that Raila has 6 vehicles, those who held public offices and are friendly to the Jubilee government should be having more especially Moi, Kibaki, Mudavadi, and President Uhuru himself.

Are we not being ripped off as a nation in broad daylight and the rippers are using Raila as a scapegoat?
Watching the pronouncements from Mr. Muthui Kariuki; the government spokesman, his rancorous undertones reflects a government not ready to respect dissent and positive criticism from the political opposition.

Kariuki, is a great candidate for the old order of the Joseph Kamotho days. No wonder, Professor Mutua Makau was right when he once questioned why Jubilee mandarins get angry even at the slightest criticism to the coalition.
I hope Jubilee strategists are taking stock of the silly, verbose and childish talk from the unprofessional government spokesman, which cannot build the confidence of Kenyans in the current government.

If I were President Uhuru, I will fire Kariuki kesho asubuhi and replace him with someone who is sober and with a good PR.
Kenyans expect service delivery devoid of any form of discrimination. However, going by the current show from the Jubilee government, it’s clear that those seen to be critical are likely to be marginalized.

This gesture has been vividly reflected on the lack of impartiality while allocating public positions, where communities of the President and his deputy have taken a lion share.

Recently, the Parastatal reform commission was given 10 names of appointees where six of them are from the Kikuyu community. I’m not against Kikuyus and I’m sure those shortlisted meet the threshold of professionalism but we need to respect the constitutional order of ethnic balancing to boost our nation’s diversity.

If this negative trend by the Jubilee government goes undeterred, healing the nation will be an elusive venture. It also casts a dark shadow to other communities like Kisiis, Luyias, Luos and Kambas, for the simple reason that they voted for different candidates during the March elections.

We can’t afford further polarization and disharmony in our nation. We are looking for a final cure since we are reeling from the sharp divisions caused by the 2007 and 2013 presidential election results. President Uhuru and his deputy hold the yardstick to make us float and swim as a nation or sink and drown completely.

20ème Anniversaire - Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz 1976

Monday, July 15, 2013


The lack of credibility on the IEBC is likely to trigger a fair ruling for Kethi Kilonzo, and therefore, she is likely to be on the ballot on 26th July by elections. The confusion and mystery surrounding her voter registration and the stolen slip is a blame touching both parties- Kethi and the IEBC.

The Makueni returning officer who issued Kethi the nomination Certificate without proper scrutiny of her documents reminds me of a guy who offered a friend of mine a bank Statement to procure a Student Visa to the USA in early 2000.

The deal went sour after my friend got a Visa and would not honour to pay in full as agreed before he was given the bank statement. To fix the guy, the owner of the statement threatened to approach the USA embassy so that my friend’s Visa will be revoked.

Did bank statement owner succeed even after subjecting my friend to sleepless nights while he was struggling to raise money for a flight ticket from Kenya? Never!
Remember, he wrote a letter to the embassy saying that the documents the guy presented were fraudulent but all landed on deaf ears. He even wanted an appointment to talk to a USA consular; all to no avail. It's not easy for the Americans to revoke a document/ Visa they have issued unless circumstances force. They trust and respect the judgement of their professionals.

Now, who is to blame when Kethi was given a genuine nomination certificate? Why is the negligent returning officer at Makueni still under the IEBC payroll when he wouldn’t discharge his responsibilities effectively?

It may appear like Kethi has more faulty lines in her argument but she is just an individual dealing with a gigantic institution whose mandate she put to task three months ago during the Presidential election petition. She is a David and IEBC is a Goliath. She may end up scoring this time unlike March. Remember, Mutunga's Court has been rated as one of the most distrusted public institution. They may want to build some face before the eyes of the public. They also know Kethi has goodwill from Kenyans- Youth, women and the entire political opposition.

You can’t give food to an individual and go back to demand for it when it has already been consumed. I'm not a psychic, but I think the above may be the ruling three judge bench is likely to make on Monday. What are your neutral thoughts?