Monday, July 15, 2013


The lack of credibility on the IEBC is likely to trigger a fair ruling for Kethi Kilonzo, and therefore, she is likely to be on the ballot on 26th July by elections. The confusion and mystery surrounding her voter registration and the stolen slip is a blame touching both parties- Kethi and the IEBC.

The Makueni returning officer who issued Kethi the nomination Certificate without proper scrutiny of her documents reminds me of a guy who offered a friend of mine a bank Statement to procure a Student Visa to the USA in early 2000.

The deal went sour after my friend got a Visa and would not honour to pay in full as agreed before he was given the bank statement. To fix the guy, the owner of the statement threatened to approach the USA embassy so that my friend’s Visa will be revoked.

Did bank statement owner succeed even after subjecting my friend to sleepless nights while he was struggling to raise money for a flight ticket from Kenya? Never!
Remember, he wrote a letter to the embassy saying that the documents the guy presented were fraudulent but all landed on deaf ears. He even wanted an appointment to talk to a USA consular; all to no avail. It's not easy for the Americans to revoke a document/ Visa they have issued unless circumstances force. They trust and respect the judgement of their professionals.

Now, who is to blame when Kethi was given a genuine nomination certificate? Why is the negligent returning officer at Makueni still under the IEBC payroll when he wouldn’t discharge his responsibilities effectively?

It may appear like Kethi has more faulty lines in her argument but she is just an individual dealing with a gigantic institution whose mandate she put to task three months ago during the Presidential election petition. She is a David and IEBC is a Goliath. She may end up scoring this time unlike March. Remember, Mutunga's Court has been rated as one of the most distrusted public institution. They may want to build some face before the eyes of the public. They also know Kethi has goodwill from Kenyans- Youth, women and the entire political opposition.

You can’t give food to an individual and go back to demand for it when it has already been consumed. I'm not a psychic, but I think the above may be the ruling three judge bench is likely to make on Monday. What are your neutral thoughts?
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