Thursday, August 29, 2013


Joseph Lister Nyaringo
Atlanta, Georgia
Look at the optimism Kenyans had after the rainbow coalition came to power in 02? Kibaki was sworn in on a wheel chair and the nation was united. We saw hope just for a moment.

When the tribal gear accelerated, we started being torn a sunder little by little until it reached a crescendo; culminating to the PEV of 07/08; just because of the clamour to retain power.

I agree with the sage of Buddhism, Gautama Budha that all the sorrows in the world are caused by selfishness; which begets greed for money, power, favourism, nepotism, tribalism, poor values, immorality, murder; name it!

I wish we had 10 leaders; the caliber of ailing freedom icon Nelson Mandela, or even the late Julius Nyerere, who left Tanzania less rich but more united and less tribalized through his Ujamaa philosophy.

Nyerere's foundation continues to solidify the largest Country in East Africa. What went wrong with Kenya? Does the current leadership have the backbone to put Kenya on a good footing? Time will tell but the future looks bleak but not hopeless.
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