Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The best way to unify our Country is to ensure that there is equity. Every community whether small or large should have a sense of belonging in the government of the day; whether it’s of Jubilee, Amani or Cord coalitions.

Can you imagine we have communities in Kenya who have never had even a senior clerk in a government Ministry since independence, yet we boast of being a diverse nation?

When a government of the day appoints a Cabinet, Parastatal chiefs, Defense chiefs, Police Chiefs etc from government friendly communities and purport to reflect the face of Kenya in their leadership isn’t this bad news?

What will prevent Kenyans from demanding fairness using every available means? What we are seeing in Kenya today is a recipe for open revolt against nepotism and direct favourism. A government representing 42 communities cannot do what they are presently doing for Kenyans in the 21st Century.

No wonder, Moi ruled Kenya with an iron fist but many of us have come to discover that he was far much better that what we saw in former President Kibaki and now perfected by his ‘son’ President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In as much as Moi wasn’t the best for Kenya, he was much fair especially when it came to appointing men and women to serve in his government than Kenyans have been seeing since the year 2002.

It’s tragic that those of us who speak against these vices are branded as purveyors of hate speech when we are merely speaking the reality.

What Kenyans hunger for is the need for fairness, equality and equity from the current government. Nobody is against the President or his deputy but as young leaders with fresh and vibrant minds, they should know better than tearing our Country apart through nepotic mindsets.
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