Friday, September 27, 2013


How shall Kenyans and the global community have confidence and respect in the leadership of President Kenyatta, when his top security organs were aware of an impending terrorist attack in the Country but failed to take precautionary measures to avert it?

Virtually five months in office, the Jubilee government has proved to be weak, uncaring, petty, divisive, vulnerable and with no leadership strategy to pursue the interests of Kenyans. They have also failed to hold the nation together.

President Uhuru, his deputy and the entire national security do not deserve to be in office. If Kenya was one of the Western democracies like the USA, the most honourable thing Uhuru and his entire national security organs was to do is to relinquish office and pave the way for a new leadership with the capacity to put the interest of the nation above anything else.

No wonder, Kenyans made the worst mistake to elect a President and deputy with questionable records on integrity and justice. In fact, the international community is laughing at us as a nation. We are viewed from a negative prism; mostly as people who makes irrational decisions without no regard to the consequences.

Two key thing distracting Jubilee leaders
First of all, it is virtually certain that the Jubilee leaders have continued to celebrate their controversial victory in March and forgotten to focus on national interests and the challenges facing Kenya.

We also know that trappings of power come with glamour and prestige but Kenyans expected Uhuru and Ruto to also think about their interests; especially national security which is the genesis of success to any nation.

Leaders who focus on upbeat and good news always miss the larger picture especially warnings of a coming catastrophe. That is why Kenyans are shocked to learn that the government was aware early enough about the mall attack but failed to put up contingency measures.

Secondly, the ICC cases facing the President and his deputy have hit a toll on their brains. Their primary focus is to win the cases or pursue ways and means of having the cases moved to Kenya.

Besides, they are also engulfed on what to do in order to have the proceedings suspended as well as the likely repercussions in the event they decide not to comply with The Hague based court.

The latest terrorist attack in the Westgate Mall has clearly demonstrated that we have a President and deputy who are primarily fixated with their personal problems and cannot effectively discharge national responsibilities.

Four years is a long time to persevere with the JUBILEE GOVERNMENT. It’s also tragic to entrust the lives of 40 million Kenyans including foreigners who are serving as investors, diplomats and relief workers on the hands of President Uhuru and Deputy William Ruto, who have proved to have great limitations in discharging the mandate they were accorded by Kenyans in March.

Uhuru Kenyatta is the pillar of the nation and anything that happens in Kenya, hinges on the office he holds. That is why Kenyans will first look at what the President did as our Chief executive especially when he had wind from the national intelligence service that there was an impending terrorist strike in the Country.

We want to know why the President failed to avert the attack, before we lay blame on his deputy, as well as KDF chief Julius Karangi, Interior Secretary Joseph ole Lenku, Defense Secretary Raychelle Omamo, Police chief David Kimaiyo, and NSIS chief Micheal Gichangi.

It’s quite simple, when a major corporation goes under; it’s the CEO of that corporation who is held to account and not his junior officers.

I don’t mean that the other individuals do not play a role in our national security but key decisions especially on our national safety and security are on the hands of the President who is also the commander in chief of the Kenya defense forces.

By and large, each person has to take responsibility and therefore we demand to know what they all did to mitigate the impending Al-Shabaab terrorist attack which has traumatized many families especially those who lost loved ones in the attack. Failure to do so, they should vacate office.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


By Albert Nyakundi Amenya
Kisii County(Kitutu Chache)
Here comes another serious medical attention seeker by the name Uhuru Kenyatta. The last time I checked, this psychiatric client was supposed to be the President of the republic of Kenya but instead, he has preferred to be the President of Mt. Kenya. Being a president does not mean that you reward your tribesmen and women by overlooking those who didn’t vote for you.

Uhuru is a perfect skimmer and calculative opportunist who never lose a chance whenever it emerges. He always waits for tragedies to befall so that he capitalizes on them. For instance, the West Gate Mall attack was a perfect highway for him to contravene the constitution by appointing a fraudster, to a nonexistent position. For sure, this man is generous and selfless to his tribesmen.

I am sure that the Commander in Speech Mr. William Ruto was not consulted before the appointment was effected. In fact, I pity him whenever he goes public boasting about their position as Kalenjins in the Jubilee government. I am not being tribal on this one, but I must say that Kalenjins are in for a surprise as long as the likes of Mutea Iringo, Francis Kimemia et al are alive.

Today I was dazed beyond restrain, when I received mesmeric news that Mister Joseph Kinyua had been appointed head of Public Service and chief of staff. Astoundingly, the position does not exist in the constitution of the Republic of Kenya, but it does in the constitution of Mount Kenya. Interestingly, the constitution is categorical when it comes to public servants appointment but on this one, no public vetting was conducted.

Recently, there have been massive openings in the government. However, what alarms me is the damnable manner in which these positions are filled with brothers and sisters from Mount Kenya. If anyone has doubt about what I am talking about, ask for the list and I will deliver it before time. I always do my homework painstakingly. I always filter the authenticity of whatever I inscribe on paper to avoid being speculative. My mind is always engraved on facts and truths.

Immediately after President Kenyatta was controversially declared winner by Justice Mutunga, he vowed to be a president of every Kenyan irrespective of whether they voted for him or not. However, his daredevilry of infringing the constitution denotes how Kenya is inclined to tribalism, corruption and impunity.

Just to capsulize this issue, I can readily confirm that this son of the former dictator and land grabber has turned out to be a contemptuous cardinal sinner. I have a feeling that we are yet to see more. For those who always berate me whenever I speak, kindly sit back and think twice. Kindly ask yourselves whether what you are defending is worth your heartfelt defense. I always try to speak up my mind, expound on coherent facts to justify my stand.

Tribalism is a serious cancer that is eating up our nation and it must be curbed at all costs. Other sycophants like William Ruto will always be used like the tissue papers they are. I am wondering why some of the appointments are not given to Ruto and his Jubilee battalion if indeed they are principal partners in the government.

Kenya Nchi Yangu - Kakai Kilonzo

Monday, September 9, 2013

Kibaki Presidency; his score card and the 2013 vote

I personally think that in terms of national cohesion and integration, Kenya was in a better place before Kibaki was sworn in as Kenya’s 3rd president.

The old man took over the presidency amid lot of expectations from an impoverished nation by the Kanu misrule but what happened? Did Kibaki lead according to the creed of the Rainbow revolution of 2002? The answer is no!

Yes I agree, he restored sanity in the cabinet by giving Ministers a free hand to do their jobs; increased revenue collections which made the devolution of recourses through the CDF, Road levy and Local authorities Trust fund possible.

Kibaki injected a sense of hard work and self determination to the Kenyan populace by stressing the need for citizens’ hard work unlike the Moi style of dishing handouts. His administration ensured that freedom of speech and assembly was safeguarded although the Standard media raid and the first lady’s escapade at the nation media group still linger in the memory of Kenyans.

He rarely portrays the big man syndrome which often characterized Kenyatta and Moi’s leadership. Often plays it simple with a sense humour and humbleness. His undoing: tribalism on government appointments, stealing elections, indecision even when the country needed urgent leadership intervention especially during the post election violence.

As we head to the ballot in March 2013, if we are not careful we may end up voting in wrong leaders. The biggest challenge we face as progressives in social media forums and daily arguments is lack of unity and a sense of patriotism.

Rather than shape the debate to identify the men and women who truly stand for the good of Kenya, many of us have brooded unto our ethnic cocoons. Even in this forum, an argument from a Luo is likely to gravitate towards Raila while from a Kikuyu to Uhuru Kenyatta. Soon, we will start seeing most contributions from Luyias solidly behind their man; Musalia Mudavadi. To be honest, where will my argument anchor as a Kisii, when we don't have a Presidential candidate?

Why should I support a fellow tribesman for the simple reason that we share a tribal lineage even when my conscience is very clear that such tribesman or woman has got nothing to offer the people of Kenya in terms of good leadership practices? It's worrying that as a subscriber to several forums, Im usually shocked with what I read especially coming from the new generation of thinkers- youth and intellectuals.

If it's not hate, it's tribalism/ negative ethnicity, If it's not insults and epithets, it's hate speech and incitement, if it's not threats and obscene rumours, it's malice and propaganda. We have become purveyors of hate and tribalism instead of purveyors of patriotism.

The name Kenya has taken a back banner. Many of us have reverted to our tribal lineages and will support criminals just because we share a similar dialect! Folks, it's not too late to take stock of the men and women who are parading themselves to vie not only for the Presidency but also other key elective positions in our country's leadership hierarchy in order to identify those who can represent our people well.

Rather than dwell on simple things like Raila wearing a graduation gown all the way from the USA; which I personally cannot do, why can't we start putting a microscope on all Presidential candidates and analyze them one by one based their records, their understanding of the predicaments bedeviling Kenya and the workable remedies they have to get us out of the mess. I do believe every presidential candidate has something to offer.

We cannot underrate anybody. Let us start with Kalonzo, Ruto, Raila, Wetangula, Kiyiapi,Mutava, Eugene, Uhuru,Karua, Saitoti and Peter Kenneth. Rather than focus so much on individuals, let us try to interrogate where all candidates stand on issues like alleviating poverty, unemployment and how serious they appear on bringing reforms especially under the new dispensation.

Finally, when are done doing so, we move a notch lower to those who will stand as governors in our 47 Counties and also try to scan them, since these are very challenging seats which will also define the future of our nation. This way, I believe will help us make good judgment and advise the voters.

Otherwise, throwing tribalistic jabs here and there will not differentiate us from the regular 'noise' out there. These are my thoughts. Do feel free to correct me.