Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We must be worried about the unity of Kenya when the two largest communities- Kalenjins and Kikuyus who voted as a block in the March election to form the Jubilee government are now tearing each other down over the ICC cases.

The cases facing Uhuru and Ruto at The Hague is the major reason why their two communities came together to vote them as President and deputy President. It’s saddening that an issue-ICC, which was the glue in the March elections, is now the cause of tension in the Jubilee family.

Now that the closest confidants of Deputy President William Ruto, have come out openly to demand the resignation of key officials in the Jubilee government mostly from the Kikuyu community, for alleged coaching of witnesses against Ruto, it has put the nation in a quandary.

In the coming days, it will be hard for the two leaders to fully focus on nation building, their ICC cases as well as trying to pacify the animosity which is flaring up between Kikuyus and Kalenjins in the Jubilee government.

It’s very likely that the challenges facing Kenyans will be put at the back banner as Uhuru and Ruto tries to hold the TNA and URP government together.

Truly, it’s too early that history is repeating itself. Virtually 8 months in office, the Jubilee government is embroiled in a similar circus that we experienced in the Kibaki Raila grand coalition government. WILL THE UHURUTO GOVT SURVIVE THE CURRENT IMBROGLIO? TIME WILL TELL.
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