Saturday, March 1, 2014


Listening keenly and reading media clips on the aftermath of the ODM elections which aborted on Friday, I have concluded that ODM members are being played by men and women who don’t care about democracy, good governance and the rule of law.

I admire honourable Ababu Namwamba, but the more I listen to his words, the more I get the impression that, he is up to something sinister. I may be wrong but… Mole or no mole in ODM, Namwamba is hiding some arsenal which may be good or bad for ODM. If he wants to control and rebrand the party for the good of Kenya, it will be good and well.

However, if it finally dawns that external forces are catalyzing his aggressiveness to take the Party Secretary General Position and hand it to the highest bidder, Namwamba will NOT be forgiven by ODM supporters and non supporters especially those who believe in good leadership practices, democracy, character and integrity. IT’S MY PRAYER, THAT THE VIBRANT LEGISLATOR IS NOT READY TO DENT HIS RISING STAR.

For the ODM Party leader, let him not shed crocodile tears by hiding from the truth. RAILA, MAY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN KASARANI. There is no way he will fail to know the presence of dozens of men in black purporting to be the party’s security and what they were up to …Kenyans are not fools.

We all admire what the former PM has done for Kenya. However, if it turns out that he knew that his closest associates were behind what happened in Kasarani and failed to prevent it as a party leader; he should resign from politics to avoid further embarrassment!.

The man has done so much for Kenya and since humans tend to white-wash one’s good of yesterday with the bad of today, Raila should throw down the towel to safeguard his legacy.

If it turns out that he wasn’t aware of the Kasarani fracas, he should come out openly and distance himself from the perpetrators; whether they are his bosom friends, relatives or family members.

By and large, Kenyans are aware that most of Raila’s political miscalculations are largely due to members of his community.
These are my neutral views as a respecter of democracy, good governance and the rule of law.

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