Thursday, June 19, 2014


From media reports, Presidential communique and debates in our legislature; one can easily conclude that we live in confused times as a country especially when tragedy occurs.

We can therefore conclude that like other tragedies we have experienced before, the current double-talk by leaders from different persuasions will fade as soon as the victims of the Mpeketoni massacre are interred.

Two key theories have been fronted as the cause of the two day mayhem- pointing fingers on the Al-Shabaab terror group and Cord leader Raila Odinga.
However, what puzzled me is a delegation to Statehouse on Thursday by political and religious leaders from the Coast. They floated before the President the issue of land at the Coast as the main cause of the massacre. These leaders have known all along that the land question at the Coast is thorny but waited for people to die in Mpeketoni before seeking audience with the President.

Ironically, it was in September last year that President Uhuru gave out 60 thousand title deeds to the Coastarians and promised to issue 3 million more title deeds throughout the Country in a span of five years.

It all sounded problem solved to land question at the Coast but, where we are today, over 60 innocent lives has been lost mysteriously. Before the sputum dries out, leaders from the region come to seek audience with the President as if they didn’t know that the problem existed.
My critical view on the situation in the country is this: we have become like a doctor who knows the infection of his patient but prescribes painkillers instead of antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

To put it more succinctly, we cannot solve the land problem in Kenya if the Ndungu Land Report and the TJRC commission findings are gathering dust. The TJRC report provided concrete avenues to address historical injustices especially on land at the Coast but the current leaders who are key beneficiaries of the injustices cannot be trusted to implement the reports. Otherwise, what we have seen from the Jubilee government is just piecemeal gestures to score political points.

It’s sad that some of the title deeds they issued last year were not legit.

Kenyans wonder where the tangible contingency measures the “digital leadership” promised to put in place during the campaigns to spur socio economic development and also avert calamities in our land!

Where is the tough media house with tough journalists to ask tough questions what the current leadership stands for when theirs; is to wait for tragedies and thereafter start whining and laying blame games?

President Uhuru Kenyatta, should stop talking tough and wearing fake faces during calamities… he spoke tough during the Westgate terror attack and promised the nation a commission of enquiry to unravel the truth but all was mere empty words to buy time, burry the victims and forget about it.

Riding a high horse and repeatedly remind Kenyans that he is the President is now monotonous. We want results from you Mr. President. Even the cockroaches know you are the President of Kenya.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Why did Kenyans ignore candidates like Peter Kenneth, Prof Ole Kiyiapi, Martha Karua, and Abduba Dida, and vote for a President and deputy who are slowly destroying our Country?

No wonder, we were fore-warned by the West on the repercussions of voting for individuals accused of crimes against humanity but we buried our heads and now, we are harvesting the consequences of our choices.
Today, the very crimes Uhuru and Ruto are accused of at the ICC continue to manifest through different ways in our country- deadly attacks in the Tana Delta, Bungoma killings, mysterious killings of Muslim clerics and lately, the Mpeketoni massacre.

The list is even higher if I would include the perennial explosive attacks in our urban centres and the Westgate terror attacks last September.

In spite of the malpractices in the last polls, Kenyans in a tune of millions voted Jubilee. Otherwise, there was no way Uhuru Kenyatta, would have found room to manipulate the votes if the count-differential between him and Raila Odinga was wide.

As voters, if we had voted the right person into office, perhaps we would not be experiencing the current challenges which are almost tearing a sunder the social fabric of our nation… Kenya is like a bomb ready to explode. Perhaps if it were not the ICC, Kenya will be flowing with human blood today.

Back to the last polls, I’m convinced that if we had voted either Abduba Dida, Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth, Ole Kiyiapi or even the man who is sending cold shivers in the Jubilee leadership; Raila Odinga, they would have done a better job than Uhuru Kenyatta.

The President is not worried of anything so long as his power is intact. He is full of verbose without results. He talks tough but ignores wise counsel. Just recently, while in a funeral at Rongo, the Migori Senator, Wilfred Machage gave him the “best” advise publically’ almost similar to another one given by Dr. Bonny Khalwale last month when the President toured Western Kenya.

Sadly enough, Uhuru does not heed advice…is word is law. This is how we are reminded in the book Proverbs12:1: the person who loves correction loves knowledge, but anyone who hates a rebuke is stupid. It’s therefore upon Kenyans to gauge the type of President they have.

Our poor voting patterns…
The general view that poverty and ignorance compels Kenyans to vote the way they vote is pure hogwash! If we were so ignorant to vote for Uhuru, how come in a span of one year, we now have sanity to point out his flaws handling matters of state? In other words, what has Uhuru done to reduce our poverty? Are we richer and better than we were in March 2013 before Uhuru was sworn in as President?

In my opinion, the failed Uhuru Presidency is the best form of civic education for Kenyan voters. In future, we all need to think twice before we entrust the future of our country on wrong hands. We need to think twice before casting our votes during an election.

Don’t forget, a right governor, MCA, MP, Senator and President are likely to ensure our peace and security and socio economic development. Don’t forget, the Jubilee government is a travesty to our spiritual lives because even the houses of worship are not safe.

Kenyans, we need to change our mentality on the way we see and think about those aspiring to lead us. Let us not pocket Kshs 100 and vote wrong people into office and within a short span, we start whining. In any case, did those who receive handouts from Ruto and Uhuru during the campaigns ever questioned how the two attained their massive wealth?

Back on the goofs of Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku, my view is that, those blaming the man are extremely unfair. If the chief executive officer in a company experiences incompetency from junior employee; shall the CEO wait for the staff to step down or fire that person immediately and replace him with a competent one to safeguard the interests of the company?

Why blame Ole Lenku when the appointing authority- Uhuru Kenyatta sees no wrong? If sanity was prevailing in the Uhuru leadership, Lenku would have been fired immediately after the Westgate tragedy. This is where the rain started beating our nation over insecurity. And now, the Mpeketoni massacre has added more insult to injury.

Uhuru Kenyatta, cannot withstand the rigours of the Presidency and the MOST honourable thing for him to do is to step aside. As one MP in Jubilee hinted, Uhuru and Ruto were not prepared for their current task. If they did, we would not experience perpetual contradictions, confusion, and lose of innocent lives through insecurity.

While it’s a tall order for Uhuru Kenyatta to step down, let him edit his public pronouncements, reshuffle his security chiefs, tame his handlers like Kabando wa Kabando, Aden Duale, Kithure Kindiki and his deputy William Ruto. This will thaw the animosity they elicit before the public.

Uhuru loves his seat but he needs to safeguard it by doing the right things for Kenyans. How many times shall he talk about negligence and abdication of responsibilities by his security personnel?

Since he has opined that his security was aware of the Mpeketoni massacre, what is Mutea Iringo, Michael Gichangi, Ndegwa Muhoro, Julius Karangi, Raychelle Omamo, and David Kimayo, and the man many Kenyans are pointing fingers at; Joseph Ole Lenku, doing in office?

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Representation Reform Bill
By Nicholas Oyoo
Nairobi, Kenya
June 12, 2014

I blame the current representational system for the woes that this country is currently facing. Look at the way National Assembly membership reasons and you will know that The Kenyans is usually a distant third or fourth in the consideration. I therefore wish to offer my thoughts as a suggestion of a solution going forward. I want to appreciate, that what am proposing will not be seen any where else but i think Kenya needs a different system to deal with a unique set of scenarios that have been obtaining in our nation. Without further ado, here goes.

1)We form an Electoral College; it will have the role of Appointment/Vetting of all Commissioners of all commissions cited in the constitution, and the heads, The Chief Justice and the deputy Chief Justice, The Auditor General, The Controller of Budget, The Political Parties Registrar, Head of Prosecutions, Inspector General etc

2)The Electoral College will elect the Senators, MPs and qualify the presidential candidates for upcoming elections if they receive at least 25% of the Electoral College support or become top three in a second vote (Where non got above 25% in the first vote). They must first submit a written application to the Electoral college with work plans, rationale and ideological grounding of what they intent to do as president in at least 5 Mandatory issues (picked by the Electoral College) and another 5 self selected issues each with at least 5 pages of elaboration, they must talk about their plans to promote national unity, national values, bill of rights and constitutionalism.

3)Election of Senators – A senatorial candidate must come with an application, a CV and 1000 signatures (at least 500 from the county the come from and at least 300 outside that county, in order to be in position to face the Electoral College. All those who have so qualified from all the constituencies will be up with the chance to be senators of the republic. 50-Senatorial seats will be up for grabs and after public vetting by a sub-committee. The roles of senators will be Oversight and Legislation on County Governments. Candidates for the senate present their senatorial leadership plans in writing and why they are the best to be considered for the role and on the strength of that a shortlist of 300 people, finally the three hundred will each get 15 minutes with the Electoral College select team with the rest of the college watching. A vote will be done and each Electoral College member must select 50 people from the list (they are allowed to mark out their preferences as they listen to the speak as long as they can guarantee no one will see who they are making) . A second vote will be called for the balance of votes where there is less that 50 people voted for until the 50 are found.

4)Election of National Assembly Members – A NA candidate must come with an application, a CV and 300 signatures at least (100) from the constituency the come from and at least 100 outside that county, to earn the right to face the Electoral College. All those who have so qualified from all the constituencies will be up with the chance to be senators of the republic. 150-National assembly seats will be up for grabs and after public vetting by a sub-committee. The roles of senators will be Oversight and Legislation on County Governments and the roles of MPs will be Oversight and Legislation on national issue. Candidates for the senate present their National Assembly leadership plans in writing and why they are the best to be considered for the role and on the strength of that a shortlist of 1000 people, finally the 300 will each get 15 minutes with the Electoral College select team with the rest of the college watching. A vote will be done and each Electoral College member must select 150 people from the list. A second vote will be called for the balance of votes where there is less that 150 people voted for until the 150 are found.

5)County Electoral Colleges will also use the same criteria to selected MCAs and Independent office holders. Each county will have 25 MCAs. They have to have at least 100 signatures with at least 50 from their wards and at least 20 outside their wards.

Selection of the Electoral Colleges
Applications and CVs for serving in the Electoral Colleges will be received at the Public Service Commission and the commission will carry out due diligence to confirm that the details presented are true and once satisfied it will submit the names, coded in numerical digits to the electoral commission to conduct a draw to pick 3 names from each ward in the country. A Woman, A Man and a third representing youth, people with disabilities, Minorities etc. they will serve for 2 years and can only be considered after 3 such electoral colleges have served for a second stint.

 A professional law making set of units free from tribal capture, political party capture, political big personality capture, corruption (money capture)
 More focused legislative leadership more time for legislation and parliamentary business other CDF issues
 Reduced Corruption as the NAs and Senators will not have used money to get elected
 Government seriousness and with well thought through bills will get it sailing in Parliaments
 Involvement of ordinary wananchi (like with a jury) will lead to more awareness by the public
 Redistribution of wealth – with 9,000 people serving in the various Electoral Colleges, with a quick turnover will mean more chances for people to get wealth
 People centered leadership will have more opportunity to be perpetuated
 Issues based elections
 Better training ground for higher level leadership with depth in understanding of issues
 Clarity in job description for parliamentary personnel
 Kenyans leadership in provision of answers for indigenous solution as opposed to copy pasted systems (Kenyaocracy is what we may call it)
 Cutting the umbilical cord between parliament and executive forcing the executive to present water tight proposal to parliament which will debate them objectively and must pass those that are sensible because of people pressure.
You will not see the kinds of headlines again:-

Raila tells Luo MPs Over Polls -
Uhuru Meet Meru Leaders Over Waiguru -

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Stand up and be counted if you are outraged and if you see that the votes you cast in 2013 was to pave the way for hyenas to maul Kenya clean!

The critical times we are in require the efforts of every citizen; young and old, rich and poor, urbanite or rural; working class or jobless, to say enough is enough to the current corrupt and shameful regime.
The regime is slowly back-tracking the small gains Kenya has achieved for the last 5 decades in all spheres; social sphere, political sphere and economic sphere.

It’s upon us; the masses to rise up and act to pave the way for the leadership we want. We need to show the current ruling elite that in a democratic culture, it’s the people who have the last say, and the power to define a country’s future through good leadership.

We need to prove to the rulers that power belongs to the people, and that our inaction will make Kenya to remain doomed. Action will provide us with the opportunity to define the right path for Kenya and those who will come after us will appreciate our efforts.

Kenya’s State House does not belong to one single community. It doesn’t belong to the corrupt and tribalists. It belongs to any man or a woman with values, a unifying spirit and with good leadership practices.

According to Fredrick Douglas, the sage of the civil rights movement in America, those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning.
Fellow commoners, we need to refuse allegiance to a corrupt regime which is out to completely wreck the nation to benefit a minority.

If you are allergic to dictatorship, corruption and nepotism; if you are frustrated with the way the ruling elite are running the Country, let us act. We need to pursue a path that will propel a leadership that will run the affairs of the Country with transparency and accountability through popular will.

Kenyans at home and abroad need to ask this question: does Kenya look like a Country we wish to bequeath to the future generations? And if the answer is no, we have the moral ground to stand up for a peaceful revolution in the Country and shame those who belittle the power of Kenyan commoners (majority).

The revolution will be based on a consciousness of bravery, passion, endurance, sacrifice, commitment and dedication. We are all fatigued; we are burdened. Our tears have filled the bottle. Our current suffering is a trigger to nurture a better future for Kenya.

We are justified to act in a manner that will propel into power a leadership which is:
 Representative
 Accountable to the people and the constitution
 Just
 Sincere
 Democratic
 Value-driven
 Ethical
 Moral
 People-centred
 Honest
 Tolerant
 Compassionate
 Trustworthy
We need a person in the seat of power who understands the suffering of the Kenyan masses and is ready and able to uphold the above values. We have millions of men and women who are in synch with the aspirations of our nation and its renaissance.

Kenyans need a person who will walk with all and sundry in one wavelength, while sharing our predicaments, challenges and aspirations to realize our national destiny.

We do not need a leader who only leans to his tribe while suffocating other communities in the distribution of the national cake. Kenyans are thirsty for equity and equality.

We have three main stages in the quest for good leadership in Kenya through a revolution:
1) Remove the current regime peacefully through the participation of the masses.
2) Install a transitional government to forestall the country.
3) Ensuring that the transitional government is protected to put mechanisms in order and consequently hold free and fair elections.

The Movement has in mind Kenyans, with impeccable qualities in the pursuit of a fair and just society to provide effective transitional leadership.

We strive to recruit committees in each county for purposes of sensitizing the masses in the villages on the need to impair the current Jubilee regime and catalyze fresh and accountable leadership.

Besides, we shall have a national technical committee compromising of Kenyans at home and abroad.

As we pursue the goal of liberating our nation from ruin, the reincarnation of tyranny, betrayal, dictatorship, tribalism and economic mismanagement, Kenyans find themselves deeply indebted in repaying all the loans borrowed from the international community, whose course we cannot trace. We therefore request the International Community to help us in the following:
1. Withhold any economic activity associated with the current government until accountability to the people is realized.
2. Freeze and seize all bank accounts of monies allegedly embezzled by past and current government officials and their conspirators from the national coffers.
3. To expedite the ICC case at The Hague facing the two Kenyan leaders so that justice can be rendered to the victims who have been fatigued of long waiting; bearing in mind that justice delayed is as good as justice denied.
4. To help fight terrorism and the proliferation of illicit weapons which has ruined the security fabric of the Country where the commoners remain the recipients of the blunt.
5. To withdraw all visas associated to the cartels of corrupt leadership and their families until accountability is realized and;
6. Help the commoners realize the goals of freedom, democracy and a just government, a government that shall listen to the people.
By and large, the West which the Jubilee government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, has shunned should come to the aid of the Kenyan majority to peacefully help dislodge the current corrupt government from power. The current leadership is bad news for the people of Kenya; bad news for the international community and Kenya’s bilateral relationship especially with traditional western friends like EU and America.
1) Refuse paying taxes and demand for accountability.
2) Talk to your parents, neighbours, villager, children and sibling.
3) Remember, this is the final liberation of Kenya which MUST be triggered by commoners.
4) Use social media, twitter, and facebook; to pass a message to those who care about our present challenges.
5) If it’s a protest, let us protest peacefully, with discipline.
6) Let us act with bravery, and unity of purpose- the good of Kenya is the good of all.
7) The ruling class has failed to address our poverty and our joblessness.
8) This is a mass movement of ordinary citizens.
9) We know your Goal is the emancipation of the nation.
10) We need to inform or educate those who are in the dark about our course.
11) Our anger is driven by the conviction that, if we don’t act, Kenya will continue to sink on wrong hands.
12) The youth and women are marginalized due to lack of equity and equality.
13) We need a leadership that will give us hope.
14) We are the solution to our oppression.


(Worrying trends)
1) Why should we pay taxes when the government has failed to provide us with basic services- water, security, and better schools?

2) Why is the gap between the rich and poor continuing to widen yet we have constitutional safeguards for all and sundry?

3) Why has the judiciary never prosecuted or implicated any senior person on graft yet we see so many mega corrupt scandals and looting in the Country?

4) Why should we continue to pay our taxes to pay civil servants yet they demand bribes or kickbacks before rendering services to members of the public?

5) Why should we waste time to vote in an election when a President who is in office in less than a year talks openly about leading the country for 10 years and passing the baton to his deputy for another 10 years as if Kenya is a dictatorship?

6) Why should we be contended that things are right when we see the government in power thriving on impunity, disrespecting and violating the constitution of the land?

7) Kenya is being tone asunder. Professionalism, meritocracy, regional balance is never the yardstick when it comes to making government appointments. Call it brain drain, professional hopping or demoralization… our professionals- doctors, nurses, engineers are running out of the country for greener pastures because Kenya has failed to recognize their worthy. Who will design our roads and treat our patients?

8) Why has the government failed to act, yet time after time, the auditor general has stated that massive billions of Kenyan Shillings are unaccounted for after the audit of our national treasury?

9) Why is the government or even the political opposition silent on this? Why is the current government not clear to try and divulge the circumstances under which the funds are disappearing when ordinary Kenyans are living in grubby conditions?

10) Kenya is in an economic crisis. Aren’t you outraged by the government’s silence on addressing the low purchasing power and the skyrocketing of prices of essential commodities like Unga, milk and bread?

11) Aren’t you outraged that tribalism has not only become a culture but a norm while the rate of unemployment is indescribable?

12) Are you comfortable as a citizen when a small class of Kenyans have mysteriously risen to riches through unscrupulous (corrupt) means- from middle class income people to multi-billionaires? The same class, who now account for over 40% of the Country’s wealth?

13) Why wait when those who purport to be our leaders are primarily expanding their financial empires at the expense of the taxpayers?

14) Aren’t you outraged when civil service appointments do not meet constitutional thresholds on meritocracy, gender equity and regional balances? Are you not outraged when the one purporting to be a president of a nation allocates all available resources and jobs to his tribe, then pretentiously comes out calling for UMOJA WA WAKENYA?

15) Does Uhuru Kenyatta recognize our nationalism, only when there is nothing to share as a nation, but becomes his tribe whenever an employment opportunity arises?

16) As a citizen, are you not outraged by the government’s failure to curb rampant insecurity despite controlling all security machineries in the Country? That even houses of worship are not spared by thugs.

17) The President comes from Kiambu but not all people from the area can afford even a simple meal. His deputy comes from the rift Valley but if you go to Baringo, Turkana, Marakwet and Pokot, during the dry spell, the locals eat herbs like antelope. Why is this so? The answer is clear; the interests of Ruto and Uhuru is all about the retention of power, its trapping and the emoluments that come with it and rewarding cronies.

18) If Presidential elections are stolen and those who steal start entrenching corruption, tribalism, nepotism and looting of public coffers, why should we sit back instead of pursuing a mass-based revolution? We have the weapons and the battle field -moral courage, passion and determination to bring change.


We are a re-awakening MASS MOVEMENT DUBBED KENYA PATRIOTIC ACTION (KPA) whose clarion call is to sensitize every Kenyan from Moyale to Namanga; Mount Elgon to Liboi, to rise up irrespective of tribe; creed or gender to participate and pave the way for a mass based leadership in the Country. Waiting for an election to replace failed governments with dictatorial tendencies especially in Africa is a tall order.

Remember, all revolutions in the world are triggered by the pursuit to overcome a crisis. In Kenya, we have a serious crisis and it’s upon all the affected citizens who are in fact the majority to act in order to save our land from total ruin.

The revolution is for all the people of Kenya whom the current regime dubbed hustlers/ sufferers as their campaign clarion. It’s therefore not against Kikuyus or Kalenjins just because of Uhuru and Ruto, at the helm.

These is not a time to wait for the civil society or freedom fighters like Muite, Orengo, Gitobu Emanyara, Raila Odinga, Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia, James Orengo, Philip Gachoka, Wanyiri Kihoro or the late Shikuku, Anyona or Masinde Muliro to be at the frontline!

If the Arabs did it in style between 2010 and 2011 in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, the French in the 18th Century, and Romanians in 1989, while Philippines did it even peacefully by overthrowing Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, why should resilient Kenyans fail to do the same to salvage the Country from the jaws of the hyenas?

Mass power is vital and the only lethal weapon to bring down corrupt regimes in the world!
The millions of votes Uhuru and Ruto garnered in 2013 mostly came from the hungry poor who have every right to reverse what they did anytime using all means available.

Fellow commoners, our nation is at the blink of extinction. Insecurity is at its peak. Kenyans in the 4 corners of the nation are not sure of their safety at any time of the day. Unemployment continues to hit the country hard despite recent cooked statics; reflecting that the current government has created 0.7 million jobs in the last one year.

The Country is in ruins; poverty and hunger are norms while corruption and tribalism have been perfected more than any other time in our Country’s 50 years history.

Corruption of yesteryears has been recycled back especially through the dubious payments authorized by the President to the Anglo Leasing related contracts. On the other hand, the Standard Gauge Railways (SGR), which the government has Okayed is a project littered with controversy due to illegal tendering procedures.

As Kenyan commoners, do you think or believe that the current government has what it takes to tackle the myriad challenges facing our nation?

Do you even trust their empty and enticing rhetoric and false passion of trying to steer the country forward? Theirs is to talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

Even those who shout loudest about our plight publicly; often shedding crocodile tears but inwardly, they don’t care about our hurt. Their interest is to achieve their selfish ends- power, fame and influence.

The solution lies on each and every citizen. Nobody is acting; leave alone thinking about our suffering as Kenyan commoners except the almighty God.

What is our role as commoners? Shall we assume that our leaders will one day come up with remedies to our challenges?

While pacifism is good in an egalitarian society where the principles of equality, equity and human rights are respected, the Kenyan setting is different. It desperately requires critical action by regular citizens to pave the way for the emancipation of our society.

We can’t wait any longer for the skies to continue rising and falling five decades after independence without taking action. It’s also critical to realize that waiting for a solution from those who are the causers of our present suffering is totally futile.

Waiting for President Uhuru and his deputy, to shape the destiny of Kenya, when they have practically shown us that their main agenda is the retention of power and the trappings that comes with it, is acting like Hamlet in Shakespeare who refuses to kill the King at the best opportunity. Hamlet loses the best chance to execute his revenge merely because his spirit is not imbued with the lust to do evil.

Unlike Hamlet, who waited for the lust to commit murder, our lust is centred on the divine quest for justice, equity and equality. The lust for a renaissance, which will inject fairness in managing state affairs for the people of Kenya.

If we sit back and assume that our leaders are pursuing lasting remedies to our misery; we are lying to ourselves, (tunajidanganya kabisa). We can’t talk about endemic corruption, tribalism, lack of equity and equality forever!

In the 21st century, we can’t afford wading in starvation, disease, injustice, stolen elections, nepotism, and grandiose greedy when other nations are making positive strides in socio economic development. We can’t afford being stuck in the mud mainly due to graft and mismanagement of our resources!

We want to see a leadership system capable of bringing economic freedom, fight graft, narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, empower disadvantaged groups in the Country as well as propelling our justice system through respecting the constitution and the universal democratic tenets provided therein.

The current leadership which came to power controversially a year ago continues to thrive on confusion. Both Uhuru and Ruto are extremely allergic to democratic values because they are knitted from linens of dictatorship, injustice, assassinations, corruption and looting of public resources.

They are merely perfecting what was started by the first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, strengthened by Uhuru and Ruto’s mentor; former President Moi.

If President Uhuru Kenyatta believes in democracy, why should he tell Kenyans publically that he has 10 years ahead of him as President as if Kenya is a dictatorship, or a monarch?

No wonder, the Jubilee government is allergic to any mention of the controversial presidential elections results of last year.

Telling a nation of 40 million people that you will rule them for 10 years as if you have powers to define your mortal existence is not only barbaric and unwise but also belittling the intelligence of the Kenyan people!

As if this was not enough, the President had the audacity openly tell Kenyans that after his 10 years reign, he will pass the baton to his deputy for another 10 years. What an insult to Kenyans and democracy?