Wednesday, June 4, 2014


(Worrying trends)
1) Why should we pay taxes when the government has failed to provide us with basic services- water, security, and better schools?

2) Why is the gap between the rich and poor continuing to widen yet we have constitutional safeguards for all and sundry?

3) Why has the judiciary never prosecuted or implicated any senior person on graft yet we see so many mega corrupt scandals and looting in the Country?

4) Why should we continue to pay our taxes to pay civil servants yet they demand bribes or kickbacks before rendering services to members of the public?

5) Why should we waste time to vote in an election when a President who is in office in less than a year talks openly about leading the country for 10 years and passing the baton to his deputy for another 10 years as if Kenya is a dictatorship?

6) Why should we be contended that things are right when we see the government in power thriving on impunity, disrespecting and violating the constitution of the land?

7) Kenya is being tone asunder. Professionalism, meritocracy, regional balance is never the yardstick when it comes to making government appointments. Call it brain drain, professional hopping or demoralization… our professionals- doctors, nurses, engineers are running out of the country for greener pastures because Kenya has failed to recognize their worthy. Who will design our roads and treat our patients?

8) Why has the government failed to act, yet time after time, the auditor general has stated that massive billions of Kenyan Shillings are unaccounted for after the audit of our national treasury?

9) Why is the government or even the political opposition silent on this? Why is the current government not clear to try and divulge the circumstances under which the funds are disappearing when ordinary Kenyans are living in grubby conditions?

10) Kenya is in an economic crisis. Aren’t you outraged by the government’s silence on addressing the low purchasing power and the skyrocketing of prices of essential commodities like Unga, milk and bread?

11) Aren’t you outraged that tribalism has not only become a culture but a norm while the rate of unemployment is indescribable?

12) Are you comfortable as a citizen when a small class of Kenyans have mysteriously risen to riches through unscrupulous (corrupt) means- from middle class income people to multi-billionaires? The same class, who now account for over 40% of the Country’s wealth?

13) Why wait when those who purport to be our leaders are primarily expanding their financial empires at the expense of the taxpayers?

14) Aren’t you outraged when civil service appointments do not meet constitutional thresholds on meritocracy, gender equity and regional balances? Are you not outraged when the one purporting to be a president of a nation allocates all available resources and jobs to his tribe, then pretentiously comes out calling for UMOJA WA WAKENYA?

15) Does Uhuru Kenyatta recognize our nationalism, only when there is nothing to share as a nation, but becomes his tribe whenever an employment opportunity arises?

16) As a citizen, are you not outraged by the government’s failure to curb rampant insecurity despite controlling all security machineries in the Country? That even houses of worship are not spared by thugs.

17) The President comes from Kiambu but not all people from the area can afford even a simple meal. His deputy comes from the rift Valley but if you go to Baringo, Turkana, Marakwet and Pokot, during the dry spell, the locals eat herbs like antelope. Why is this so? The answer is clear; the interests of Ruto and Uhuru is all about the retention of power, its trapping and the emoluments that come with it and rewarding cronies.

18) If Presidential elections are stolen and those who steal start entrenching corruption, tribalism, nepotism and looting of public coffers, why should we sit back instead of pursuing a mass-based revolution? We have the weapons and the battle field -moral courage, passion and determination to bring change.
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