Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Stand up and be counted if you are outraged and if you see that the votes you cast in 2013 was to pave the way for hyenas to maul Kenya clean!

The critical times we are in require the efforts of every citizen; young and old, rich and poor, urbanite or rural; working class or jobless, to say enough is enough to the current corrupt and shameful regime.
The regime is slowly back-tracking the small gains Kenya has achieved for the last 5 decades in all spheres; social sphere, political sphere and economic sphere.

It’s upon us; the masses to rise up and act to pave the way for the leadership we want. We need to show the current ruling elite that in a democratic culture, it’s the people who have the last say, and the power to define a country’s future through good leadership.

We need to prove to the rulers that power belongs to the people, and that our inaction will make Kenya to remain doomed. Action will provide us with the opportunity to define the right path for Kenya and those who will come after us will appreciate our efforts.

Kenya’s State House does not belong to one single community. It doesn’t belong to the corrupt and tribalists. It belongs to any man or a woman with values, a unifying spirit and with good leadership practices.

According to Fredrick Douglas, the sage of the civil rights movement in America, those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want rain without thunder and lightning.
Fellow commoners, we need to refuse allegiance to a corrupt regime which is out to completely wreck the nation to benefit a minority.

If you are allergic to dictatorship, corruption and nepotism; if you are frustrated with the way the ruling elite are running the Country, let us act. We need to pursue a path that will propel a leadership that will run the affairs of the Country with transparency and accountability through popular will.

Kenyans at home and abroad need to ask this question: does Kenya look like a Country we wish to bequeath to the future generations? And if the answer is no, we have the moral ground to stand up for a peaceful revolution in the Country and shame those who belittle the power of Kenyan commoners (majority).

The revolution will be based on a consciousness of bravery, passion, endurance, sacrifice, commitment and dedication. We are all fatigued; we are burdened. Our tears have filled the bottle. Our current suffering is a trigger to nurture a better future for Kenya.

We are justified to act in a manner that will propel into power a leadership which is:
 Representative
 Accountable to the people and the constitution
 Just
 Sincere
 Democratic
 Value-driven
 Ethical
 Moral
 People-centred
 Honest
 Tolerant
 Compassionate
 Trustworthy
We need a person in the seat of power who understands the suffering of the Kenyan masses and is ready and able to uphold the above values. We have millions of men and women who are in synch with the aspirations of our nation and its renaissance.

Kenyans need a person who will walk with all and sundry in one wavelength, while sharing our predicaments, challenges and aspirations to realize our national destiny.

We do not need a leader who only leans to his tribe while suffocating other communities in the distribution of the national cake. Kenyans are thirsty for equity and equality.

We have three main stages in the quest for good leadership in Kenya through a revolution:
1) Remove the current regime peacefully through the participation of the masses.
2) Install a transitional government to forestall the country.
3) Ensuring that the transitional government is protected to put mechanisms in order and consequently hold free and fair elections.

The Movement has in mind Kenyans, with impeccable qualities in the pursuit of a fair and just society to provide effective transitional leadership.

We strive to recruit committees in each county for purposes of sensitizing the masses in the villages on the need to impair the current Jubilee regime and catalyze fresh and accountable leadership.

Besides, we shall have a national technical committee compromising of Kenyans at home and abroad.

As we pursue the goal of liberating our nation from ruin, the reincarnation of tyranny, betrayal, dictatorship, tribalism and economic mismanagement, Kenyans find themselves deeply indebted in repaying all the loans borrowed from the international community, whose course we cannot trace. We therefore request the International Community to help us in the following:
1. Withhold any economic activity associated with the current government until accountability to the people is realized.
2. Freeze and seize all bank accounts of monies allegedly embezzled by past and current government officials and their conspirators from the national coffers.
3. To expedite the ICC case at The Hague facing the two Kenyan leaders so that justice can be rendered to the victims who have been fatigued of long waiting; bearing in mind that justice delayed is as good as justice denied.
4. To help fight terrorism and the proliferation of illicit weapons which has ruined the security fabric of the Country where the commoners remain the recipients of the blunt.
5. To withdraw all visas associated to the cartels of corrupt leadership and their families until accountability is realized and;
6. Help the commoners realize the goals of freedom, democracy and a just government, a government that shall listen to the people.
By and large, the West which the Jubilee government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, has shunned should come to the aid of the Kenyan majority to peacefully help dislodge the current corrupt government from power. The current leadership is bad news for the people of Kenya; bad news for the international community and Kenya’s bilateral relationship especially with traditional western friends like EU and America.
1) Refuse paying taxes and demand for accountability.
2) Talk to your parents, neighbours, villager, children and sibling.
3) Remember, this is the final liberation of Kenya which MUST be triggered by commoners.
4) Use social media, twitter, and facebook; to pass a message to those who care about our present challenges.
5) If it’s a protest, let us protest peacefully, with discipline.
6) Let us act with bravery, and unity of purpose- the good of Kenya is the good of all.
7) The ruling class has failed to address our poverty and our joblessness.
8) This is a mass movement of ordinary citizens.
9) We know your Goal is the emancipation of the nation.
10) We need to inform or educate those who are in the dark about our course.
11) Our anger is driven by the conviction that, if we don’t act, Kenya will continue to sink on wrong hands.
12) The youth and women are marginalized due to lack of equity and equality.
13) We need a leadership that will give us hope.
14) We are the solution to our oppression.

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