Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kibaki failed to mend ethnic rivalry between Kikuyus and Luos after victory in 2002

Truth be told, former President Mwai Kibaki, had the best opportunity to mend the tattered relationship between Luos and Kikuyus, which begun after independence during the late Jaramogi and Jomo Kenyatta.  
Instead, Kibaki, stirred more hate by failing to honour the MOU associated with the Rainbow coalition which brought together almost all key political players in the country to dislodge Kanu from power in 2002.

Don’t forget, its Raila Odinga, a Luo, who stood at Uhuru Park and openly endorsed Kibaki as the torch bearer of the Narc coalition with a belief that there will be a genuine power sharing deal after victory. Instead, Kibaki who was sworn in on a wheel chair not only trashed the MOU but also parted ways with Raila Odinga, at the infant stage of the Narc government.

 In 2007 elections, Kibaki ruptured Luo wounds further by openly stealing the Presidency from Raila Odinga.

Last year, Uhuru Kenyatta, another Kikuyu, controversially became President, which many believe; he never attained the required threshold to be declared victorious. This further angered the Luos who look back and count betrayal after betrayal from the Kikuyu Presidency. They saw victory snatched from Raila for the second time from a Kikuyu candidate.

Kenya’s history is very vivid. Jaramogi stood with Kenyatta up to the last minute but ended up being betrayed. Tom Mboya was killed purportedly by the Kenyatta regime since.

It’s therefore prudent not to look at the Luo versus Kikuyu political rivalry on the face value. Let current political leaders try to mend the fences and restore trust between the two communities.

Call it Luo hooliganism from but don’t forget to tell us why! To me, it all about historical mistrusts and injustices and nothing else.

Our top leaders continues to plant hate through inequality and negative ethnicity- tribalism and nepotism and blame it on wanjiku or Anyango who are always quicker to express their frustrations especially what happened in Migori during a Presidential function. These are solid truths people don’t want to talk about but rather to demonize Luos as stone throwers.

It’s the leaders who have the capacity to heal the nation by bringing all communities to the dinner table through equity, equality, justice, fairness etc. 

Failure to do so, Kenya will continue to sink in disunity and hate amongst communities. What the Luos did in Migori is just the beginning. Soon you will see it from:Turkanas, Samburus, Kalenjins, Kisiis, Somalis, Mikikendas etc if they feel they are not getting a fair deal in their own land.

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