Friday, January 30, 2015


President Uhuru of Kenyan needs to stop brainwashing us since; 99% of Africa needs the rest of the World and secondly, the Continent does not have the capacity to address its myriad challenges without external support or interference. In fact, the President is being hypocritical and economical with the truth when he says that Africa is capable of sorting its own mess.

I therefore challenge Uhuru and his henchmen to tell us what policy plan he has formulated to reflect his passion for a self-dependent Africa since he took the baton of leadership two years ago. Apart from beating war drums and castigating the ICC where he was indicted for genocide and his case later withdrawn, this does not make Uhuru a qualified Pan-Africanist. 

We need action; we need ideas from Uhuru which reflects his commitment to spur Africa in these: social, political, manpower and economic spectrums. In a nutshell can Uhuru clarify the following as I base my argument during Kenya’s worst nightmare in 07/08?

1.      Why did he and his deputy William Ruto fail to cobble a local tribunal in Kenya to try PEV suspects but wanted the ICC route which is an International court outside of Africa?

2.      Why did our country fail to quell the escalation of violence if Uhuru believes that Africa; and Kenya for that matter has the capacity to tackle internal feuds without external intervention? Can he further tell Kenyans what role he played to ensure that the violence was quelled in a timely version without involving Ghana’s President John Kufuor, former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan,  former US Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Jendayi Frazer, who are all foreigners from Ghana and USA respectively?  

      In fact, the efforts of the said paved the way for a cease fire which created the grand coalition government of which Uhuru, was a beneficiary-Deputy Prime Minister of Kenya. Uhuru was NEVER in the picture during the Serena talks. Who knows he was behind the scenes to ensure that Kenya smouldered more if the recent the recent dossier by Bensouda is something to go by. Don’t forget, Uhuru did state later that all he did during the PEV "was helping his people" not Kenyans, not Africans... 

3.      Can Uhuru tell us what he did as an extremely rich man to ease the pain of the internally displaced persons in 07/08? We all saw that people in IDP camps were fed, watered and clothed by WFP, UNHCR, UNICEF, RED CROSS, CARE, USAID, UNDP, world vision etc? These are all International relief agencies funded by the global community; mostly the Western and not Africa.
4.      Why hasn’t Uhuru compensated and resettled all Kenyans displaced during the PEV now that he enjoys the trappings of power as head of State? 

Monday, January 12, 2015


The opposition Cord’s quest for dialogue with the Jubilee government is double-speak and a show that all may not be well in the OKOA Kenya Movement. Why WASTE time for dialogue with Jubilee instead of trying to show Kenyans why your coalition is a better option in terms of governance and better leadership practices?

After the demise of Fidel Odinga, Cord has rekindled the dialogue debate. For me, I don’t see how the coalition can push for dialogue with the government and a referendum at the same time. Cord should not burn the candle at both ends- pursue the OKOA referendum and dialogue with the government at the same time.

 The ruling Jubilee coalition of Uhuru Kenyatta has thawed its hard-line stand on dialogue and Cord needs to be careful. This is because, positive overtures from ruling coalitions can be like dangling a bait and needs to be handled with a pinch of salt.

In order to remain afloat and relevant towards 2017, Cord must make decisions which are in tandem with the aspirations of winning the 2017 elections and for me, dialogue with the ruling coalition is not one of them. Between dialogue and the OKOA Kenya Movement, the latter is likely to provide the opposition with more clout as opposed to the former.

We are tired of inconsistency and double-speak from our political leaders. Kenyans want to see a robust official opposition which checks the Jubilee government’s excesses day and night. This should be Cord’s cardinal goal for now. Pestering the government for dialogue is not only causing confusion amongst Kenyans but also myopic and a waste of time.

When the government turned down Cord’s clamour for dialogue last year, they reverted to pursue a referendum through the OKOA Kenya movement and we therefore expected them to stick to it consistently up to the finish line. It’s my hope that the latest pursuit for dialogue after the dead of former Prime Minister Raila Odingas son, Fidel, is not a reflection of a crumbling movement.

This time for the three Cord Principals- Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula, to choose what is to the BEST interest of the coalition and the nation as a whole. As the official opposition, what they choose MUST reflect their passion to capture power in 2017 so that they can get the opportunity to showcase their yearnings for the nation.  A viable political opposition should capitalize on the failures of the government in power to build confidence within the populace for victory when elections are held.

 Cord also needs to remember that even with the many challenges bedeviling Jubilee-insecurity, nepotism, corruption etc, the ruling coalition still enjoys incumbency and defeating it requires concrete and water-tight strategies.  

I don’t see how trying to help a government in power with your BEST ideas while in the opposition, can help sell your agenda and propel you to victory by defeating the same government in an election.

Therefore, Cord’s insistence for dialogue with the ruling Jubilee is similar to sharing vital secrets with an adversary at the battle front. The dialogue quest should be disbanded completely so that Cord can embark on building a strong base for the 2017 polls.  

 In business, when your competitor makes inferior products, you don’t need to advise them but rather to watch as they crumble and eventually dominate the market base. This is what Cord should do. Secondly, the coalition needs to press for the disbandment and reconstitution of the IEBC to ensure that there is a level playing field for the 2017 elections. Already, there is clear evidence that top officials of the body were involved in corrupt malpractices.