Wednesday, May 13, 2015


What assurance does Cord have that Uhuru’s Jubilee won’t play monkey tricks to remain in power just like what Kibaki’s PNU did in 2007? How come Raila Odinga, the liberator who has fought for the country in decades hasn’t learnt the tricks of taking power to liberate the Kenyan people after he was robbed victory in 2007?

The guy was in power with Kibaki and would not even use his intelligence to decipher the plans Kibaki had with Uhuru and Ruto in the 2013 election contest. You can’t be the best player in a soccer match and fail to score a single goal! For a man who has fought for liberation in decades, and with a deeper interest to entrench best leadership practices in the country, how come Raila would not take advantage as Kibaki's co-principal in the grand coalition government to win and actually take power?

Democracy is an expensive tool. The likes of Shikuku, Anyona, Jaramogi etc went to their graves fighting for liberation but they never achieved much. That is why sometimes following democratic channels in a crooked system like ours can be costly politically. Raila may end up leaving the scene without getting a chance to showcase his yearnings for the nation of Kenya and this will be too sad indeed.

Truly, did Raila Odinga learn any lesson from 2017 election fiasco, to let novices- Uhuru and Ruto to take power and ruin the country?
As we stride towards 2017, does Raila Odinga, Wetangula and Kalonzo Musyoka of Cord have a solid strategy to SNATCH power from Uhuru and Ruto? Just like Miguna says, winning is one thing and taking power is another. This is a solid reality in our system whether you like or not.

I’m sure there are no contingency plans for 2017… Raila Odinga as Prime Minister and Kalonzo Musyoka as Vice President in the Nusu Mkate government were so complacent in the 2013 contest. They slept on the job while the tricky and moneyed Ruto of the YK92 fame and Uhuru Kenyatta; backed by his predecessor, Mwai Kibaki played smart cards to take power.

Leaving the country on the hands of the 2 dubious men for another 5 years from 2017 will be a risky venture for the country. After all, the two dudes are smart and Cord MUST wake up before it’s too late.
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