Thursday, June 25, 2015

Looting of public coffers in Kenya has skyrocketed

Now we are told, the country has no back-up for its financial system, and that local corrupt guys leave alone online thieves/hackers from some West African country can easily compromise the country’s treasury and cripple the economy completely.

Imagine with a digital government; with an ICT Ministry yet we lack a contingency plan in case the current servers storing the country’s financial data are compromised! Why should the government expose its vulnerability or something bad has already happened and we are being sabotaged? Is it not tragic that we have a government which is smart at executing election rigging mechanisms yet they cannot protect and safeguard the country’s financial data?

We have MPs who have totally forgotten what their roles are as representatives of the people. Many have been in Parliament longer enough to comprehend how the country’s financial systems operate and should be at the front line to protect the interests of the nation in many fronts.

It was just March last year, when the auditor General Mr. Edward Ouko revealed that the government was not able to account for Sh500bn from the year 2012. Truly, where did this money go? What is the work of the public accounts committee? What measures has the government especially the executive done to locate how these whooping sum of money disappeared?

The government is now telling the country openly that our financial servers can be hacked easily due to lack of backups. Who knows we've been hacked already and revealing this openly is just sabotage.

Fast backward, no government officials or legislators have voiced any concerns that out of Sh 920 billion spent by government in the financial year 2011/2012, Sh303 billion was not accounted for. Where did all these money go yet when our MPs saw President Uhuru Kenyatta dishing just 1 billion as a bailout to Mumias sugar company, they literally worshiped him.

Nobody has even questioned the source of the 1 billion? Without forgetting, in the 2012 financial year, the treasury received Sh 142.5 which was not spent; a clear demonstration that some government bodies are incapable of spending budgetary allocations meant for national development.

Last month, the auditor general report released shocking revelations that a whopping Sh 67 billion cannot be accounted for. The looting of public monies is a matter of grave concern for the country's success in the current era of devolution. Coincidentally, the report came out when a State corporation, Kenya Airways is running on a deficit of Sh28 billion.

Who can protect Kenyans from these challenges because the government, elected representatives and other bodies have failed?
1.How to stop internal and external thieves from hacking our treasury system since the government has revealed we are vulnerable?
2.Where unspent money returned to the treasury in more than three financial years disappears to?
3.How the executive is acquiring all the money they are spending  to buy political loyalty under the aegis of development?
4.How to locate the billions of Shs unaccounted for in many financial years!
5.How to recover the monies which has been looted by known thieves!

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