Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Uhuru and Ruto's lethal propaganda should worry Cord

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto’s competitors should tread carefully. The two are lethal propagandist who can sell lies to even the most intelligent Kenyans. The two can call a spade a big spoon and a dog a small lion and many Kenyans will shout yeah! They can concoct anything to kill the truth by brainwashing people.  

They know how to manipulate the Church, professionals, youth, their tribesmen, the rich and the poor. Ruto did it successfully in 1992 by sneaking Moi back to power and in 2013, he sandwiched Uhuru with the same tricks which catalyzed Jubilee to power to the chagrin of Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka.
Besides, the self-proclaimed hustler has used extremely unorthodox maneuvers to become one of the wealthiest people in Kenya, if all the corruption spears thrown at him are real. Don’t forget, money and success in Kenya’s political scene are synonymous.

Ruto’s boss- Uhuru Kenyatta, is a beneficiary of the big name- Kenyatta dynasty, family wealth. He can be a big trickster. He has learnt to hold the ropes since his mentor; former President Moi brought him to the political limelight from nowhere to contest for the Presidency in the Kanu party in 2002.

Although he lost the big seat, he kept learning from both Moi and his ‘uncle’ Mwai Kibaki. He bounced to the Presidency in 2013; courtesy of the Supreme Court, which ruled in his favour. The Uhuru and Ruto combination can be lethal politically. They have the capacity to sell even the weirdest propaganda to achieve their ends. In 2013, they used adversity- ICC case to their advantage. Time will tell if The ICC saga will favour them in the 2017 contest if they decide to learn on the same ticket.

My free advice to Raila Odinga and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is this, even as you continue to give Uhuru and Ruto sleepless nights in the 2017 contest, when you attack the two in public, don’t let the attack decapitate; let your attack dogs continue pounding hard…Propaganda wins with propaganda and not with facts especially in our political system.

Remember, it’s the last propaganda which sells and ends up convincing many. Ruto successfully convinced his Kalenjin people that it’s Raila Odinga who took him to the ICC. This was the most powerful propaganda which kept Jubilee’s tempo surging in the Rift valley.

Cord needs to utilize its trusted lieutenants especially elected leaders from all parts of the Country to talk about the coalition. It doesn’t make sense when Kenyans only see Mps John Mbadi and Francis Nyenze at the limelight when Cord has many MCAs, MPs, Senators and governors throughout the country.
Kenyans want to hear what Northern Kenya, Rift Valley, Western Kenya and Coast leaders are saying about Cord’s transformative agenda for the country. In as much as Kenyans love former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka, they are more than happy to also see what key leaders both elected and non-elected are saying about the status of our nation and why Jubilee should be kicked out of power democratically.

Kenyans want to see new faces; new leaders talking about Cord. It’s worthy to note that familiar faces on news headlines from even the most popular leaders can be a monotony especially when you are out to sell a political agenda.

Seeing Raila on the screen as the only critic to the Jubilee government does not reflect well for the opposition. The former PM is not politically childless. Let his admirers play his game while he takes the back seat; controlling the gears. His hard hitting criticism on Jubilee should be ventilated from all men and women who believe in Cord as the alternative government.  

Cord needs to remember this, when Ruto takes the microphone, His propaganda flows like sweet honey. The guy can cry to attract the hoi polloi. When Uhuru speaks, his passion reflects him as a super statesman; natural patriot, incorruptible, focused, intelligent and sharp. He sounds like has all the solutions to the problems that bedevils the country. This must worry Cord. The same applies to Jubilee attack dog, Aden Duale, the loose talker in Jubilee is a great asset a great peddler of propaganda in Jubilee. Ever wondered why Jubilee MPs can’t replace him as majority leader even after misleading the country about the terrorism dossier?

The only consolation for many of us who believe in the possibility of Kenya’s transformations is this: the actions of the two jubilee rulers speaks the opposite. They condone graft, nepotism, disrespect of human life, steals from the poor, purveys injustice and can do anything for the sake of retaining power. A replacement will be a great hurrah for Kenya.

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