Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Solution to Kenya’s Problems is Kenyans not the current leadership

The Rutos and Uhurus of this World steal from us and plough the loot back to us in form of harambees. We then start glorifying them and dancing to their tunes like monkeys enticed with banana peelings. We have become a nation with people who cannot decipher between truth and fiction.

We shun and castigate those who mean well for Kenya and tell the truth but elevate those who steal from us and tells lies. Kenyans, have we learnt any lesson even after proving that the leaders we have today have failed us and that even Separation of Powers institutions like the Judiciary, Executive and Legislature which are tasked to enhance our democracy, best leadership practices and safeguard the rule of law, purvey social justice, nurture equity and equality have been totally misused hence failing the country?

Are we aware about the powers we hold as citizens in our young democracy? How long shall we continue being led by the corrupt who don’t care about our pain? They don’t care about our poverty, debilitating health care, skyrocketing in the cost of living, unemployment, dwindling education, increased graft etc.

Come on fellow Kenyans. As commoners, we are like two toddlers left in the interior of a jungle with nobody to turn to… just waiting to perish unless a Good Samaritan shows up. To me, the Good Samaritan is our voting Cards. If we can use it wisely, we can send all the current corrupt leaders home in 2017 and replace them with men and women who mean well for all Kenyans.

The current government is in the ICU. Uhuru and Ruto have failed the leadership test. They are blank; confused and with no clue on how to get Kenya out of the current mess. I end with this: The kicks of a dying horse are extremely fatal. However, the end result to the horse isn’t impressive. They will twist us, they will play propaganda; they will play the tribal card but come 2017, they will be replaced with men and women of good will if only the Kenyan voter will think twice and vote wisely. 

Remember, we have men and women who stands tall as true champions of our aspirations. We know them and we will rally behind them.

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