Friday, October 6, 2017


By Hon Lilian Marwa
Matiangi was used to rig the elections of is it 2007 or 2013.  So the Master rigger is still in the ring of control.  Have we ever asked whether it was really Chirchir that signed in that many number of times? Or did a master minder do it ?

I did like what the CJ said in his ruling. "If the elections are carried out again without adherence to the constitution and it's brought back to them it will still be nullified".

I believe the only thing that will make us not lose in this game is having very competent agents across the country. Agents who will go by the wise saying of one Of my favorite author : Agents that will not be bought or sold!

Agents whose conscience of duty will be as the needle is to the pole! Agents who will say the truth though the heavens may fall! Those are the kind of agents we would want to have in the NASA team during elections whenever they will be conducted.

Saying Chiloba or who or who to go does not change the game for the opponents. They still have people within their circles who actually did the rigging and Kenyans are not privy of. 

The constitution is another facet that we need to guard at all costs: an enemy of the constitution is an enemy of the people  and this is the gospel I'm preaching to people wherever I go and it's working.

I had said earlier that this should be the song NASA is singing to the country and sooner or later everyone will understand the power of the constitution. It's we the people and someone has decided to attack us!

Whether we are from which tribe the constitution serves Kenyans and we should not let allow the son do what the father did!!!!  We have to change history in this country and God knows our intentions and He will not let us down.

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