Friday, December 1, 2017


By concerned Kenyans at home and Abroad

Kenya has two Presidents. Uhuru Kenyatta supported by two ethnic communities 32% and Raila supported by the rest 68%.

You cannot wish this away. No presidential election will be free or fair in Kenya until Jubilee’s deep state is dislodged from power to allow for a free and fair election.

Without a national consensus on sharing of power and resources, honor, equality, belonging, justice and our hard earned freedoms elections are not going to be free and fair. If Uhuru and Ruto are left in office to use our taxes to pay The Kenya State Police (KESTAPO) headed by Joseph Boinet and Ndegwa Muhoro to render our constitutional freedoms of assembly and expression null and void, we can agree that the Kikuyu-Kalenjin state shall continue to rule with impunity forever.

We cannot pay for our slavery in Kenya forever. If we cannot overthrow this ethnic apartheid state now when over 72% of Kenyans are united against this illegitimate imposed presidency, when shall we do it? We need to evolve a national culture based on morality and legitimacy not greed and ethnic pride.

Those who have captured the state since independence will always manipulate IEBC, the Police, NIS, the Judiciary and processes to rig the presidency to maintain advantage and power to the exclusion of others. We have a deep state operated by Karanja Kibicho and Joseph Kinyua which is rigging everything in favour of a few.

God loves our nation Kenya but the altar of ethnic pride that we have raised in Kenya has displaced God; demonic greed and killing of Kenyans from ethnic communities that are demanding justice has taken over. 

So here is what will save Kenya and it is not an ordinary proposal but a radical proposal;  Hon. Uhuru has done five years and his father did fifteen as President. Let him hand over power to Hon. Raila Odinga for five years with Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka as Deputy.  We need to honor Raila and Kalonzo for their love and contribution to and for our nation.

Raila, has won elections before but denied the honor to lead Kenya as President. The two deserve to lead us as first among equals because they represent a huge constituency. But Hon. Uhuru and Ruto also represent a big constituency and he deserves to serve as Prime minister because he is leader of party with majority MPs in Parliament. It’s for Kenya.

LET THAT SINK IN. That is the way forward. We cannot have Jubilee or NASA alone governing Kenya. We cannot through election exclude Jubilee even if NASA carried the day in a repeat election.  Electoral justice is now more complicated than holding election and having a winner declared. Swearing in Uhuru and even Raila will not work for Kenya if we are to restore constitutional stability.

Even Mighty Mugabe has accepted to hand over because it’s for Zimbabwe.  In 2022, Hon.  Kalonzo to serve for five years as President and Mudavadi from 2027 as President. I listened to Hon. Mudavadi speak at All Saints today at the requiem service of Mama Mary Chesoni and I said yes he qualifies to be our President. Hon. William Ruto has served his term as Deputy President.

We can give Kenya a break from a Kikuyu or Kalenjin president. This is for Kenya. After Mudavadi, we can open the floor again. Even a Kisii or Taita or any other then should be considered if she or he is the best for our nation.

We shall have stabilized the system and established public morality, redeemed institutions and evolved a positive inclusive culture as a nation. Ethnic pride and greed is going to burn our nation and we will collapse if we don't treat this cancer quickly. His eminence Cardinal Otunga told it to us but we didn't listen- thinking that your tribe is better or anointed over others is tribalism and that is demonic. 

Why do I propose this? Because, this empty tribal arithmetic to win the presidency is not democracy. It's just winning it like a prize to have the legal right to munch meat as the others swallow saliva on starving and dying souls.

The Supreme court cannot solve our moral and spiritual crisis in a country where even Bishops and evangelists are for hire to promote an ethnic-hegemony agenda. 

For The presidency to become an office of selfless service, it must become consensual for at least ten years so that government is focused on addressing our five major needs as the people of Kenya namely a)jobs and cost of living for families especially more than nine million jobless youths b)healthcare for families c) food security and water d) housing, urbanization,  environment and sanitation e) Effective corruption free national and county governments that secures our security, nationhood,  good governance/rule of law, economy, enablers like roads and energy. 

These five needs of the people of Kenya cannot be focused on when the presidency is the outcome of rigged and grabbed elections year after year to secure ethnic pride and greed and fear of others coming to power. Since 1992, 25 years now, our focus has been on ukabila, ulafi and forming illegitimate government. The needs of the people have been neglected. The country is at the brink of destruction, even secession all because of ethnic pride and supremacy. 

 A new constitution has not fixed it, because our culture is rotten. The Soul of our nation is sick. This is the National Dialogue that we need. Democracy is not only voting in useless and pre-rigged presidential elections where more people including six-month-old children are killed by the police state militia. Elements of our constitution and Western democracy are not working for us. We need to resolve the presidency and co-existence, respect for all and get down to re-creating our nation to become the Kenya we All want- together.  

Yes, I am saying that the Kenyatta family has had the Presidency for 20 years. With Kibaki's 10, a kikuyu has been president for 30 years and that is enough. A Kalenjin has been president for 24 years. 

Let’s have ten years of addressing the needs of our people and the building of strong institutions. This needs a national consensus 2017 to 2027, where presidential elections will be consensus-based with the party with majority seats producing the Prime Minister. William Ruto should focus on the Prime minister position. Let's focus on the five needs of our nation especially through effective devolution. The delivery of services through county governments will be crucial.

Money should not be shared from national revenue to pay salaries for example. We must the address all the other long-term problems once we have a political consensus for ten years. 

Without this, we will tear the country apart, we will kill each other, destroy our economy and hurt the soul of our nation further deeply. A national envisioning moment and opportunity is at hand. The spirit of the Lord is upon the nation. 54 Years is enough.
Concerned Kenyans at home and in the diaspora!
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